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Business Valuation and Succession Planning for Closely-Held and Family-Owned Businesses

Sep 27, 2017

Do you know the value of your business and have you planned for your business succession strategy?  At EisnerAmper, our goal is to ensure you know the value of your business and that you are ready to transition your family business. We can assist by developing a clear strategy for business succession, growth and what kind of talent will help you get there.

We can also help develop a strong leadership team, along with practices and policies to support that team, while managing any inherent risks. Take a moment to fill out the personal business Prospectus worksheet to begin your process of understanding the value of your business.


0:00  Hello, I’m Lise Stewart and I am the director of the EisnerAmper Center for Family Business Excellence.

0:06 Speaking of business, do you know the value of your business?  Is it ready to sell if the right opportunity came along?  Do you have the best management team in place to take over, if and when you decide to leave?  And what about succession planning – do all of your key positions have great people ready to step into those roles when the current leader steps away?  Or perhaps you are considering bringing someone in from the outside to offer a fresh perspective, new skills and a better way to lead your business to realize its full potential.

0:36 I know, you are probably way too busy just running your company to even think about these things!  At EisnerAmper, we want to ensure that you have a strong and healthy business that is ready to transition when you are!   We do this by helping you to develop a clear strategy for growth and business success and then figuring out what kind of talent you need on your team to get you there! We can also help you to develop a strong leadership team, develop the policies and practices to support that team and the growth of your business, as well as manage many of the inherent risks associated with ownership.

1:13 Take a moment to fill out the personal business Prospectus worksheet that you’ll find here on the website to begin your process of understanding the value of your business.  Or take a look at our materials on building a strong leadership team or developing a simple strategic plan.  Wherever you start your journey, we are here to help!

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Lisë Stewart

Lisë Stewart is Partner-in-Charge of the Center for Individual and Organizational Performance and the Center for Family Business Excellence Group, as well as a leader of the firm’s Environmental, Social and Governance Services (“ESG”) practice. Lisë has experience in organizational development, strategic planning and training, and human performance management.

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