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What to Expect from This Year’s Super Bowl Ads

Jan 15, 2021

Although this year’s Super Bowl is sure to be unlike any other, many esteemed brands have already secured their ad spots for what is traditionally the biggest advertising platform and most-watched sporting event of the year. Companies are spending millions of dollars on one event to launch new products and ad campaigns in the hopes that it will build mass consumer awareness of their brands. What can we expect from advertisers during this atypical event in a most atypical moment in our history?

Many brands face the difficult task of ensuring that their advertisements align with the current sensibilities of their customers. Last year brought a global pandemic, an unprecedented presidential election, and calls for social justice and equality. Advertisers and their agencies need to be extremely sensitive to the current state of the world so as to not send the wrong message. However, Super Bowl ads often focus on light-hearted campaigns, which can be a much-needed distraction.

Companies have already begun securing their ad spots for the Super Bowl. According to Ad Age, Weather Tech and TurboTax will run commercials for the eighth consecutive year. Toyota and Pringles will run their fourth consecutive ads and Mountain Dew is back for their second year. Additional advertisers include M&M’s and Mars Wrigley. The approach of these campaigns could be a cautious lift of viewers’ spirits. 

According to CNBC, CBS may need to get creative with its remaining unsold slots because in previous years, ad spots were long gone by mid-January. The rate for this year is approximately $5.5 million for one 30-second spot. While the network has sold almost 80% of its packages, the remainder will likely be offered as sports programming packages to help attract still-undecided companies. Media experts predict the final 20% will sell out in the final days leading up to the game.

After an extremely tumultuous year, many Americans look forward to tuning in to watch the NFL’s two best teams compete for the Vince Lombardi trophy, albeit from socially distant locations. Hopefully, a good game, an energizing halftime show and some entertaining commercials can (for a few hours) help us take our minds off our country’s current challenges. 

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