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Oct 15, 2021

Strategy is the foundation of any business. Having a written plan that formalizes your organization’s mission, core values and vision can help the business, ownership, family and employees be on the same page and can help the organization reach it’s short- and long-term objectives.


Matt Kerzner:The sections that I'm going to get into today are the first one, which is the mission, core values and vision. The mission is a simple statement of what you want to be. It is describing what you will offer to your clients, both internally and externally. 

The second one is your core values. These are action words that describe what your organization is all about and what you strive for in delivering the service to your customers. For example, integrity, customer service, employee satisfaction. These are words that mean something. If you can get your employees to really believe in those, then those are core values. The next is the vision. What do we want to be when we grow up? What is that one, three and five-year vision of your organization? If you can have those really articulated and your workforce really gets behind it, everybody will be rowing in the same direction.

Strategic Roadmap Video Series

Strategy is the foundation of any business. Having a written plan that formalizes goals in areas such as business development, operational efficiencies and human resource management can help the business, ownership and a family get all employees (both family and non-family) to be on the same page.

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