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Tom Brady Keynotes eMerge Americas Miami 2023 Conference

May 4, 2023

Overcoming self-doubt and embracing adversity are keys to success, according to seven-time Super Bowl champion and entrepreneur Tom Brady. Brady delivered the keynote speech at eMerge Americas 2023 Conference last month in Miami, which drew more than 20,000 people in the technology industry.  Interviewed by Melissa Medina and Felice Gorordo, president and CEO, respectively, of venture-backed platform eMerge Americas, Brady discussed the importance of having mentors to set him up for a successful football career, how he prepared as an entrepreneur post-football and finally, where the world is heading in terms of innovation.

Brady told the audience the biggest supporters and mentors who helped him overcome  challenges and inspired him to realize his full potential were his parents, who supported his dream of becoming a professional football player, and his former football coach Tom Martinez, who taught him how to throw a football.

During Brady’s college football career, he started as the seventh string quarterback and worked to earn the trust of his teammates and coaches. He said Greg Harden, a psychologist, helped him change his mind set and taught him that the challenges he faced were always teaching moments.

He shared with conference attendees the mental aspect of overcoming self-doubt and building confidence, something he had to do throughout his football career. He emphasized the importance of learning from both success and failure and to choose one thing to be the best at, rather than trying to be the best of everything. He also emphasized the importance of teamwork, humility and caring about one's teammates and goals in achieving success.

When discussing his entrepreneurial journey as co-founder of NFT platform Autograph, he discussed the importance of having a plan in place once he retired from football. He did this by aligning himself with brands and building a portfolio. He noted that athletes' careers are often shorter than other careers, so it was crucial for him to plan for his future. Finally, with respect to the emerging roles of technology startups, Brady pointed to the importance of understanding where the world is heading in terms of innovation and how digital businesses can connect humanity. He emphasized the importance of real challenges and business in startups, and that failure is part of the journey to success. When asked what profession he would have pursued if not a football player, he expressed his gratitude for being able to do what he loved and never having to think about another career plan.

He concluded the conversation emphasizing the importance of having a support system and mentors in life, and how his daily dedication to being the best possible version of himself pushed him to his ultimate success.

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