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TiEcon 2023 Conference: 11 Pieces of Inspiration from Award-Winning Entrepreneurs

May 8, 2023

What expressions do entrepreneurs live by? During TiEcon 2023, the world’s largest technology conference for entrepreneurs and investors, EisnerAmper’s West Coast Technology and Life Sciences Leader and TiE Silicon Valley Charter Member Amar Bhatkhande asked TiE50 Startup Showcase award winners[1] to share their secret sauce—leading with his personal motto: “Always make friends.”

Below is a list of inspirational quotes we curated from the responses – words that have encouraged these successful startup founders to press forward on their journey, even — or especially — during challenging times.

  1. It’s never too late to start anything you love to do.
  2. You’re a work in progress, and there will always be a piece of you that’s in the works.
  3. Build a community of raving super fans (by delivering value to your customers).
  4. Connect the dots. (Grab a coffee with anyone.)
  5. Never criticize yourself (others are better at it).
  6. It doesn’t matter where you start, what matters is your slope (your learning curve in the long term).
  7. Leave the place a little better than you found it.
  8. Will I regret this tomorrow? In a month?
  9. A ship is always safe in harbor, but that’s not what it was designed for.
  10. Perfection is the enemy of progress.
  11. Keep learning; go to bed smarter every night.

Each motto provides a glimpse into the unique ways in which these successful entrepreneurs approach challenges—and achieve success.  

[1] TiE50 is an annual startup pitch competition with winners announced during TiEcon.

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