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TechTalk Blog: Redefining the Future of Health Care with Dipty Desai, Director, Innovaccer

Oct 19, 2021

Technology has been at the forefront of the health care sector over the last several years. In EisnerAmper’s latest podcast in the TechTalk series, Doctor of Innovation: When Passion and Health Care Intersect, our West Coast Technology and Life Sciences Practice Leader, spoke with Dipty Desai, Ph.D., Director of Innovaccer, a Silicon Valley-based health cloud company, who discussed her journey as a researcher, entrepreneur, funder, and mentor using technology to solve health care issues. She also explained how entrepreneurs can be at the forefront of innovation and science. Key takeaways from the conversation are listed below.

Health Care and Pharma Trends

  • Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) are increasingly disrupting the health care and pharma sectors by creating time and cost efficiencies and putting the patient at the center of care.
  • On the health care side, AI/ML are being harnessed to unify data related to a patient from various sources and obtaining deeper insights from the data collected to provide a more holistic view.
  • On the pharma side, blockchain is being used to fix supply chain breakages. Also, the introduction of technology in clinical trials is helping reduce the time and cost taken to help bring products to the market faster.  
  • Another growing trend being witnessed is telehealth being adopted to make doctors accessible to a patient on demand using a mobile device.

Role of Accounting and Business Advisory firms

  • Entrepreneurs should consider using services from accounting and business advisory firms, as these firms effectively become growth partners and help entrepreneurs focus on their core competencies.

Future Outlook

  • Leveraging the U.S.-India corridor has great potential for entrepreneurs to help scale their business by using the talent pool in India for research and development programs, thereby creating a win-win for all.
  • Organizations such as The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) and the U.S.-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) and premier educational institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) all help foster the growth of Indian entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Desai concluded that there’s still work to be done to solve the big challenges facing the health care sector and she believes that technology start-ups will continue to be the catalyst.

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