Letter H: The A to Zs of Turning Pro, Waiting for the Draft, Just Been Drafted

The letter ‘H’ starts more than Hero when you are talking sports.

Have you considered:

Homes – How many do you need? How many can you afford?

Hall of Fame – You may not get in; but you should always play, perform, and behave like you belong.

Help – You help teammates on the field, you should help them off the field as well.

Help – Never be afraid to ask for it for yourself.

Hustle – What you do at practice and on the field, not what you want someone to do to you.

Havoc – Not in your life.

Huddle – You do it before the snap, at the pitcher’s mound, at the foul line or at the face-off circle to make sure you and your teammates all know the play. You do it off the field with your family and advisors for the same reason.

Hurdles – You face them all the time; make sure you have the support to help you overcome.

Happy – What you want to be.

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