Forensic Accounting Services for Matrimonial Disputes

In an increasingly complex environment, marital disputes often result in costly, tiresome litigation. While those involved in divorce proceedings should always carefully consider the personal and family issues at stake, it is important to consider the financial elements as well. 

The reality is that divorces and matrimonial disputes are extremely stressful for all involved. EisnerAmper’s Forensic, Litigation and Valuation Services (“FLVS”) Group provides financial and accounting solutions to help you accurately value and protect your clients’ assets and marital estates. 

Our team of seasoned and credentialed professionals work with attorneys at law firms of all sizes on business valuations, income and cash-flow analyses, lifestyle and benefit analysis, asset tracing, and as expert witnesses so that you can provide the most comprehensive and skilled services to your clients. 

Our team has curated various trends and insights you need to know about matrimonial disputes and valuations. 

February 02, 2023 Marital Lifestyle/Spending Analyses: The Obvious and Not-So-Obvious

Marital lifestyle/spending analyses are often required to assist judges and attorneys in developing the amount of support to be paid to one party. However, the analysis can identify so much more than the obvious.

January 31, 2023 Understanding a Lifestyle/Marital Spending Analysis During a Divorce

A lifestyle analysis is primarily utilized to determine what the standard of living was for the parties in the divorce matter during the marriage by analyzing their spending habits.

January 02, 2023 The Marital Balance Sheet and Common Errors in a Divorce Settlement and the Division of Marital Assets

One of the tasks of a forensic accountant is to prepare a marital balance sheet to help facilitate the division of the marital assets/liabilities.

January 23, 2023 Understanding Equity-Based Compensation

Employees could receive non-cash compensation in the form of equity such as stock options, restricted stock or restricted stock units (“RSU”).

January 05, 2023 Understanding Income Analysis - Why the Tax Return Doesn't Paint the Whole Picture

During a divorce, what is presented on the tax return, what else should be considered, and what other documents and information should be obtained in order to determine the party’s true available income/cash flow.

January 05, 2023 The Continuing Role of the Forensic Accountant in Divorce Proceedings

While there are many reasons couples divorce, the process of getting a divorce can be confusing, complex and often highly emotional, and having the right team of professionals to guide you through the process can help ease the emotional pain, promote…

April 14, 2022 Valuation of a Closely Held Business in Divorce

Dividing the family’s property during divorce can be quite difficult. Deciding who should get what can be quite a challenge, even under the most amenable of situations. If the divorce is contentious, then this can be especially complicated.

January 03, 2023 Tax Reform’s Impact on the Filing Status of Divorcing Couples

The tax and financial impacts of a divorce carry serious consequences for the family that are often overlooked. Divorcing taxpayers should consult their tax and legal advisor to determine the best course of action with respect to tax filing status.