EisnerAmper's Family Business manager discusses executive search firms, EisnerAmper's Friends of the Firm program and contingent searches.

Utilizing Executive Search Firms


Matt Kerzner interviews both Nkrumah Pierre and Allen Geller on the importance of using an executive search firm to find the right executive for your organization.


Matt Kerzner: Welcome to our podcast “For Generations and Family, Business, Past, Present, and Future.” I'm your host today, Matt Kerzner, and I'm a senior manager at The Center for Family Business Excellence. And today I have two great guests. My first guest is Alan Geller, who is a managing director of the Raines International, a retained executive search firm. Thank you, Alan, for joining us today. And our second guest is Nkrumah Pierre who is a director of business development as well as the head of our Friends of the Firm, which he'll tell us a little bit more about as we go. Gentlemen, thank you for joining us today.
Nkrumah Pierre: Thank you.
Alan Geller: Really glad to be here.

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Mr. Kerzner is a Director in the Center for Family Business Excellence. Matt has more than 25 years of experience in organizational development with a specialization in assisting family businesses and closely held businesses.

Nkrumah Pierre is a Director with EisnerAmper’s Friends of the Firm providing support to clients seeking to hire accounting, finance and human resources executives and providing job opportunity referrals, search support and coaching.