On-Demand: Cyber Risk and Big Data: Security Innovation in the Age of Virtual Work

November 17, 2021

There’s a new story about a serious security breach every day, with hackers endangering our national infrastructure down to individual company networks held hostage in ransomware attacks. In the hurry to pivot to a virtual environment, and now the shift to a new era of hybrid work, threats abound. How can companies safely address these concerns? Join us for a special discussion of how to secure and transform an organization by integrating advanced digital capabilities. Using lessons learned from co-leading the Directorate of Digital Innovation at the CIA, Sean Roche will share the tools and techniques you need to optimize your business operations to not only increase security, but also excel in the cyber and big data arenas.

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Barbara Taibi is a Partner in the Private Client Services Group with years of public accounting and income tax planning and tax return preparation experience. Barbara focuses on helping clients plan for and meet their financial and tax goals.

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