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Blogs December 14, 2022 Crypto Losses Are Not All Alike- Part 2

There are still many facts that must be ascertained regarding the nature of the losses for FTX account holders and the causes that led to those losses. However, this article will now explore some additional potential remedies for taking deductible ta…

Blogs November 21, 2022 Crypto Losses Are Not All Alike

This post, in a Q&A format, digs into some of the questions regarding cryptocurrency losses and their tax treatment.

Blogs December 08, 2021 The Closing Window on the Current Crypto Wash Sale Rule Loophole

A quick look at crypto sales, the Build Back Better Act, and the possibly closing wash sale rules.

Blogs December 07, 2021 NYC Coin

CityCoins, a project launched on the Stacks blockchain (STX) allowing investors to support cities with a crypto revenue stream, announced recently that New York City will be next in line to have its own cryptocurrency.

Blogs March 04, 2020 An Update on the Implementation of the New FATF Travel Rule Requirements

Further discussion of FATF’s implementation of the new requirements for the provisioning of personal identifiable information (PII) regarding users involved in crypto transactions totaling more than $1000 USD/EUR, as well as Virtual Asset Service Pro…

Blogs January 08, 2020 IRS Updates “Frequently Asked Questions” on Virtual Currencies

Brief analysis of the IRS’s updates to FAQs related to a charity’s donor acknowledgement responsibilities when accepting virtual currency donations and a charity’s IRS reporting requirements.

Blogs October 07, 2019 The One Question Concerning Digital Assets that Lawmakers Need to be Answering

A discussion of cryptocurrency as a world-changing technology and how the country that effectively builds a regulatory framework for digital assets and blockchain will have an advantage as we move forward.

Blogs September 19, 2019 Cryptocurrency, New Regulations, and the FATF

An examination of the new regulations from the inter-governmental Financial Action Task Force (FATF) that have been imposed upon crypto exchanges globally as part of an effort to make digital transactions over blockchain more transparent and designed…

Blogs June 24, 2019 Facebook's New Cryptocurrency: World-Changing or Nothing Burger

Unlike the Bitcoin blockchain, the Libra blockchain is presently what is known as a “permissioned blockchain” where only a select group of entities control the governance of the blockchain. This structure is more vulnerable to attacks and censorship.…