Selling Your Business is a Big Undertaking

Approximately 80% of business owners are unsatisfied after they sell their businesses. We’re changing that.

We are here to partner with you every step of the way during the sale of your business determining your business’s value to how you can properly invest the proceeds.

Whether you're looking to sell your small or privately owned business in 2022 or beyond, our professionals have the experience, solutions, resources to ensure you're getting the most from your hard work.


In this video series, our professionals cover those elements of the business sale transaction that are often overlooked. These can include understanding the magic number you’re looking for, other aspects that will make or break a sale, and issues that can make the transaction challenging, such as determining the role of leadership: before, during and after the sale. Hear recommendations from business owners who’ve completed transactions and get actionable ideas for making your transaction successful.


The Bottom Line podcast examines the everyday business and finance issues faced by closely held and private businesses in a jargon-free atmosphere. In this five-part special series, our professionals discuss what private business owners and operators need to know—every step of the way—when selling their businesses.