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Blogs December 05, 2022 Remember Empathy, Legality and Business Health During Workforce Reductions

It’s important that business and HR leaders’ mindsets be rooted in compassion, proper organizational structure, and legality when facing workforce reductions.

Blogs October 27, 2022 Rewarding and Recognizing Employees at Year-End Amid Rising Inflation

As inflation continues to hover over 8%, business leaders are aiming to strike a balance between properly rewarding the efforts of their employees and protecting the financial position of the business. Learn five things to consider when evaluating me…

Blogs June 02, 2022 Cybersecurity: How Safe Is Your Family Office?

A recap of an EisnerAmper webinar focused on the cybersecurity concerns facing contemporary family offices, including mitigation strategies.

Blogs January 26, 2022 Three Strategies for Providing Professional Growth Opportunities to Employees

Three strategies organizations can implement to provide professional growth opportunities to their employees, including offering transparent communication, creating paths of progression, and implementing individual development plans.

Blogs November 18, 2021 How Hiring Based on Competencies Helps Diversify and Retain Talent

Ginny Clark, former director of executive recruiting at Google and leadership strategist provides insight on how organizations can increase diversity and compete in the talent war through recruitment, retention, and building company cultures that foc…

Blogs November 16, 2021 A “Steal Man” Beats a “Straw Man” Every Time

Family business should consider the “steal man” decision approach where each party writes out their idea and the other party must “steal” their idea and sell it back to them better than before.

Blogs August 04, 2021 Balancing the Return to Office with Remote Work Sentiments

Both employees and employers are struggling to find balance between embracing remote work perks and the opportunities and benefits of returning to the office. This is leading companies to adopt strategies to pull, rather than push, their employees ba…

Blogs July 26, 2021 Developing Businesses with the Strategic Roadmap

Webinar highlights about how companies can rethink the way they strategize for the future and grow their value while minimizing risks through the strategic roadmap.

Blogs February 16, 2021 In a Pro-Union Environment, Being Proactive Is Key

With a new, pro-union administration in Washington, now might be a good time for your business to proactively assess its policies and procedures regarding wages, benefits, working conditions.