Center for Transformation Podcasts

These podcasts provide insight to the technologies and regulations impacting the financial ecosystem.

Podcast November 15, 2022 Asset Backed Specialty Finance Enhanced Through Blockchain Technology

EisnerAmper, speaks with Kevin Miao, Head of Credit at BlockTower Capital who shares with us his outlook for asset-backed specialty finance enhanced through blockchain technology, including the greatest opportunities and challenges. He addresses how …

Podcast December 03, 2021 How Data Is Reframing the Global Health Care Conversation

In this episode of TechTalk, health care innovator and advanced technology expert Radhika Iyengar and EisnerAmper host Amar Bhatkhande discuss how blockchain and artificial intelligence are transforming the health care industry—and its future.

Podcast September 20, 2019 Did You Get an IRS Crypto Warning Letter?

Tim Speiss discusses why the IRS sent a recent round of letters to cryptocurrency investors regarding their reporting obligations.

Podcast May 29, 2019 How Gibraltar is Shaping the Global Regulatory Landscape for Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets

In this podcast, Nick Cowan, the CEO of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange - the world’s first stock exchange to offer the listing services for digital debt securities and digital funds - discusses how Gibraltar is shaping global innovation and regulation …

Podcast March 21, 2019 The Tax Consequences of Failing to Report Cryptocurrency Transactions

Host Dara Albright interviews Tom Cardinale, Tax Partner at EisnerAmper, to obtain insights and expertise on reasons behind the lack of cryptocurrency tax reporting, the importance as well as the challenges of good recordkeeping.

Podcast August 06, 2018 New Cryptocurrency Focuses on Price Stability

Cryptocurrency still has the reputation for significant price swings. In this episode of the Dave & Dave Show, we look at a new contender—with some big backers—that’s tied to the U.S. dollar to help temper that volatility.