Center for Individual and Organizational Performance


Organizations must be strategic, innovative and creative to be able to grow and thrive. They must also build a strong team of talented individuals who, collectively, can help the company reach its strategic goals, while at the same time nurture an engaging and energizing environment. 

The EisnerAmper Center for Individual and Organizational Performance is ready to help you do just that. We focus on strategy, key competencies, performance metrics and leading-edge research to support both individual change and organizational development that provide measureable results.

We offer a wide range of services to help you and your organization maximize potential, attract and retain talent, and prepare for a strong and successful future. We offer six integrated service areas staffed with experienced professionals to help you to meet your goals.

Strategic HR Consulting

A full-service program providing talent attraction, retention, management and engagement. Our seasoned HR professionals can help you design and staff the organization you need to reach your company’s strategic potential. We can provide coaching and support for your existing HR team members, help with labor relationships and negotiations, and assist when you have tough decisions to make regarding staffing levels and assessing performance. Together, we can help you to build a strong and engaged workforce that is ready to tackle the challenges of our times, and willing to innovate and collaborate for future success.

Services Include

  • Performance management design and implementation
  • Career coaching
  • Job and competency design
  • Industrial relations coaching and guidance
  • Recruitment, hiring, onboarding and orientation design
  • Effective reduction-in-workforce design and implementation
  • HR best practices: process review, design and implementation
  • Organizational design

Professional Assessment Center

Psychometric testing and competency assessments can be highly effective tools for improving interpersonal skills, enhancing communication, positively impacting team building, and increasing effective decision-making. These tools can also assist with hiring decisions, job design and leadership coaching. Our professional team offers a wide range of psychometric assessments, accompanied by skillful debriefing, action planning, and personal development coaching that can provide significant insights and encourage positive, and often radical, improvements in performance.

Services Include

  • Use of a variety of psychometric tools for use in hiring
  • Leadership development
  • Coaching
  • Team building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication skills development
  • Improving family cohesion

Center for Family Business Excellence

Our Center for Family Business Excellence is a unique program, specifically designed for family-owned and closely held companies. We have more than 35 years of experience in helping business owners, their families and their management teams design programs, practices and protocols that can improve communication, encourage family cohesion, and protect the business. Our philosophy of service with compassion, transition with dignity, and planning with purpose, provides a foundation for building trusting relationships and plans that meet both the needs of the family and the business.

Services Include

  • Successor identification and development
  • Transition planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Family governance
  • Conflict resolution
  • Building company value
  • Heir and stewardship training
  • Development of management teams
  • Hiring of key C-suite employees
  • Estate planning preparation

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

We provide a full team of experienced coaches and leadership experts who can provide a wide range of programs to increase performance, enhance leadership, improve decision-making and support strategic thinking. Our experts can work with your internal HR or talent development team to design and implement a full-scale leadership development program, complete with career planning, competency design and integrated performance management. In addition, our experienced executive coaches can work directly with your identified leaders to enhance performance, improve communication, support the organizational culture, and increase your firm’s ability to meet your strategic goals.

Services Include

  • Leadership competency identification and development
  • Internal leadership development programs
  • Performance expectations and feedback processes
  • Peer-to-peer coaching
  • Mentorship programs
  • Successor identification and training
  • Entrepreneurial and executive coaching; bench coaching
  • Path-of-progression programs for individuals

Board Development

Our professional team specializes in designing, developing and facilitating effective advisory and fiduciary boards. A well-designed board—with carefully selected and trained board members and a clear strategy and plan for performance—can be a highly effective tool for building strong and successful companies. However, many boards limp along, barely adding value and often populated with the wrong members. Our focus is on helping our clients create boards that are laser focused on success. We can work with you and your management team to help identify the type of board you need, develop bylaws and operating principles, and identify and invite potential members who can help you to achieve your strategic goals.

Services Include

  • Design of board–fiduciary or advisory
  • Develop desired competencies
  • Recruit board members
  • Develop board strategies and goals
  • Assess board effectiveness
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Board Development Coaching Build communication skills and strategies

Conflict Resolution and Relational Mediation

Conflict is one area that even the most skilled leaders will often avoid. Many leaders and/or family members report that dealing with conflict and miscommunications is one of the most stressful aspects of their roles. When trouble arises or communication fails, our team is experienced in providing guidance, coaching and communication skill-building to solve disputes and reach consensus. We are able to help our clients clearly identify the issues, understand the multiple facets of the problem, and develop shared solutions. In tough situations where the relationship is in danger of being negatively impacted, we can provide a more intensive service of relational mediation—a process designed to focus on consensus building, mutual understanding and healing.

Services Include

  • Identify and clarify issues
  • Improve conflict resolution skills
  • Facilitate agreements
  • Hold conflict resolution meetings
  • Mediate conversations so as to reach mutual agreements

Our seasoned team of advisors has a wealth of training and experience in the key aspects of organizational development, individual performance, and business leadership. Our integrated approach enables us to offer you a wide range of services, such as organizational governance and mediation. We utilize methodologies based on the principles of business psychology; neuroscience; and ground-breaking, strategic HR and business practices. Adhering to the highest levels of accountability and transparency, we develop clear performance standards and closely monitor the effectiveness of our services.

If you would like help to build your organization, inspire change, make process improvements, and invest in your people, contact our team at the EisnerAmper Center for Individual and Organizational Performance.