Blogs January 15, 2021 What to Expect from This Year’s Super Bowl Ads

A look at how this year’s Super Bowl ad spending and creative may be different given recent challenges such as a pandemic, political instability and the fight for racial justice.

Blogs January 15, 2021 Be on the Alert for IRS Inquiries Regarding QOF Investment

The IRS is strictly enforcing the above reporting requirements for qualified opportunity zones and qualified opportunity funds, including the proper filing of Forms 8996, 8997 and 8949.

Blogs January 14, 2021 Custody of Digital Asset Securities by Broker-Dealers

The SEC has provided guidance that would permit a clearing special purpose broker dealer to self-custody digital asset securities regarding distributed ledger technology.

Blogs January 14, 2021 Partner Home Office Deductions Under COVID-19

An overview of how members of a partnership can take a home office deduction in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Blogs January 14, 2021 A Virtual Hike Through Big Basin Vineyards—and Beyond

Technology and Life Science leaders hosted a virtual “Hike-and-Tell with Wine” to kick off this year’s J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference week.

Blogs January 14, 2021 Trends Watch: Equity Markets

In this issue of Trends Watch, we talk with Martin Herzberg, Managing Partner, AlphaTheta Capital, on his 2021 outlook for alternative investments, where equity markets go from here, and opportunities for investors.

Blogs January 13, 2021 Is NY the Next State to Legalize Cannabis?

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has discussed legalizing and decriminalizing adult-use recreational cannabis as one means of economic recovery in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Blogs January 13, 2021 The Potential for Increased Depreciation Expense for Residential Real Estate Owners

The 2020 Consolidated Appropriations Act could help the real estate sector by allowing certain assets that were previously depreciated over 40 years to be depreciated over 30 years.

Blogs January 12, 2021 Governor Cuomo to Now Support Mobile Sports Wagering in NY

COVID-19 rebuilding efforts, budget deficits and loss of tax revenue to neighboring states have led Governor Cuomo to support legalized mobile sports betting in the state of New York.