Blogs April 13, 2021 Form 990-T Redesigned for 2020

A tax-exempt organization that has $1,000 or more of gross income from an unrelated business must file Form 990-T. Form 990T has been completely redesigned with many of the changes relating to the new regulations under TCJA.

Blogs April 09, 2021 ERC -- Full or Partial Suspension of Trade or Business Operation

When a business is required to suspend operations by a governmental order, the taxpayer clearly qualifies for the ERC -- but what about those businesses that are allowed to operate during a governmental shut-down due to being deemed essential?

Blogs April 09, 2021 IRS Notice 2021-23: Yet More Guidance for the Employee Retention Credit

A look at the latest guidance from the IRS relative to the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

Blogs April 08, 2021 Trends Watch: High-Yield Bonds

A conversation with Adrian Miller of Concise Capital Management regarding his views on the outlook for high-yield bonds.

Blogs April 06, 2021 Changes to the 2020 Form 990-PF

This article offers an overview of the changes for 2020 of which filers of Form 990-PF need to be aware.

Blogs April 01, 2021 Seven Factors for Dentists to Consider When Choosing an Office Space

EisnerAmper discusses seven factors dentists should consider when choosing office space including location, competition and size. These factors can be critical to their success.

Blogs April 01, 2021 New York Legalizes Adult-Use Recreational Cannabis

After several attempts, New York State has become the 15th state to legalize adult-use recreational cannabis. Learn more about what’s included in the new law, taxation, and oversight.

Blogs April 01, 2021 Trends Watch: Global Small and Mid-Cap Equity Securities

A conversation with Dan Barker of Apis Capital about the outlook for global small and mid-cap (SMID-cap) equities.

Blogs March 31, 2021 Sports Betting’s Online Transformation and Its Impact on March Madness

This year’s NCAA March Madness basketball tournament promises to be a boon for both traditional bettors as well as a new, rapidly growing breed of online sports wagerers.