Articles October 08, 2019 Understanding the Basics of Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”)

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) can be an excellent investment vehicle, offering tax benefits and portfolio flexibility. However, REITs can be complex. Among the key considerations are ownership requirements, asset tests, income tests and dist…

Articles October 07, 2019 Using Accountability to Differentiate Your Family Business

How can you use accountability to differentiate your family business? Two skills or attributes that are critical to creating accountability are assertiveness and compassion.

Articles September 20, 2019 Connecticut’s 2019 Legislative Changes Affect Pass-Through Entity Tax

The impact of recent law changes in Connecticut regarding the taxation of pass through entities, such as law firms.

Articles September 20, 2019 Blockstack’s Reg A+ Token Offering – A Groundbreaking Moment for Corporate Finance?

The SEC recently approved a public securities offering whereby investors would receive “tokens” – called Stacks (STX) – in the company as opposed to traditional “shares.” The article is an examination of what that means to investors, as well as the c…

Articles September 19, 2019 Startup Company Stock Options and IRC Section 83(i) – Useful or Useless?

IRC Sec 83 (i) is an incentive for startup and early-stage private companies to provide broad-based ownership of company stock to their employees. The IRS, in Notice 2018-97, provided some initial guidance for operating an option plan under section 8…

Articles September 16, 2019 High Net Worth Parenting… Raising Children of Character in the Land of Plenty

A Parenting Intent Document outlines the characteristics and skills that parents want their children to develop and display when they are ‘ready to launch.’

Articles September 04, 2019 Will U.S.-China Trade Tensions Fuel the Institutional Growth of Digital Currencies?

Cryptocurrencies have remained a retail dominated marketplace with institutions gradually and discreetly dipping their toes in crypto waters.

Articles September 04, 2019 Planning Options: Winning Strategies to Exit on Your Terms

A discussion on how your exit strategy impacts your retirement income and how to identify and prepare successors for your business.

Articles September 03, 2019 Four Reasons Why Passphrases Are Better Than Passwords

An information technology security update this month featuring the concept of using passphrases over passwords for better data security, malicious files being delivered via Microsoft OneDrive, and lessons you can learn from the recent Capital One dat…