Articles August 09, 2022 Senate Passes the Inflation Reduction Act – Here’s What It Means for Taxes

On August 7, the Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. A significantly slimmed-down version of the Build Back Better Act, the Inflation Reduction Act is intended to address climate change, health care, inflation, and taxes. Highlights in…

Articles August 03, 2022 In a Digital Transformation Journey, Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Firms that exhibit a robust digital culture are more likely to unlock new business value and revenue sources.

Articles August 03, 2022 Three Real Estate Technology Trends You Need to Know

With the explosion in real estate technology and tools, several transformative trends are emerging in the sector.

Articles July 29, 2022 Intelligent Automation in Financial Services

The financial services sector can use intelligent automation to reduce costs and increase process efficiencies by curating large volumes of data thereby providing an organization more in-depth business and operational insights and perspectives.

Articles July 22, 2022 Declining Cannabis Prices

In an inflationary period, where the price of most everything is on the rise, why is it that cannabis seems unaffected?

Articles July 21, 2022 Using the SAFER Guides to Improve Patient Safety and Medical Risk Management

Incorporating the new Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) SAFER Guide recommended practices into the configuration of your electronic health record (“EHR”) system can produce substantial benefits beyond compliance.

Articles July 14, 2022 Commercial Real Estate Mid-Year 2022: The Big Slowdown

Distress in commercial real estate markets typically develops gradually, then suddenly – yet the magnitude and unpredictability of recent change has resulted in a riskier investment market for all asset classes and the accompanying requirement for hi…

Articles July 13, 2022 U.S. Treasury Notifies Hungary of its Intention to Terminate U.S.-Hungary Tax Treaty

It has been reported that the U.S. Treasury sent a notice to Hungary of its intention to terminate the U.S.-Hungary Tax Treaty.

Articles July 13, 2022 Should I Convert My Mutual Fund into an ETF?

Many mutual funds are now converting into ETFs, a trend the industry has seen since last year. This article offers insight into the conversion process, and the issues to consider along the way.