Articles May 17, 2022 NYS Extends PTET Election for 2022 to 9/15

New York State recently extended the deadline to make the PTET (pass-through entity tax) election for the 2022 tax year. This content examines the extension, as well as determining factors to help eligible organizations decide if they should make the…

Articles May 09, 2022 A Neuroscience Perspective on Returning to the Office or Working from Home

To make an informed decision for your business (about WFH or RTO) consider the benefits that each presents to get the most return and mitigate as much of the downside as possible.

Articles May 02, 2022 Possible Amendments to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and Their Effect on Valuations

A conversation with Monica Blocker of Houlihan Capital who shares her outlook on the possible amendments to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and the effect on valuations.

Articles May 02, 2022 Considerations for VC Managers to Build a Robust Business in 2022

The consensus is that emerging VC funds will find it harder to raise capital this year. This article examines ways for managers to build a robust business that helps them stand out in a more competitive market.

Articles May 02, 2022 Succession Planning Considerations for Singapore Family Offices

Our discussions with clients and intermediaries are teaching us that the Coronavirus and the global geopolitical environment have made ultra high net worth individuals reassess their priorities, and succession planning is certainly more important tha…

Articles April 27, 2022 Great Resignation: How to Be Successful in Attracting Top AI and ML Talent

It has always been challenging to find the top artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) talent -- and today’s environment has only heightened the difficulty. Here are three tips for recruiting in these vital areas.

Articles April 21, 2022 The Latest Tax Proposals and Their Impact on Real Estate Investing

This article showcases the Biden Administration’s 2023 budget, specifically the provisions that will impact real estate market participants – owners and investors.

Articles April 19, 2022 Cannabis Industry Trends for 2022

The medical and recreational marijuana growing and retail industry, which includes both employer and non-employer establishments, has flourished recently. The industry outlook remains positive, and this article takes a look at several notable trends.…

Articles April 18, 2022 How to Communicate Price Increases Caused by Inflation

Prices are rising across the board in today’s inflationary market. Learn five tips to help communicate price increases caused by inflation from the strategy that goes into determining the new cost to how you’re communicating that to your customers.