Yan Zhang



Yan Zhang is Partner-in-Charge of the Professional Practice Group and has more than 15 years of accounting and audit experience. She has specialized in periodic and transactional filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as private placements, carve-outs, mergers and acquisitions, and divestitures.

Yan has worked with a variety of clients, including multinational corporations, partnerships and private businesses in the industrial and consumer products, energy, and utilities sectors. She also has significant expertise in financial statement preparation, including U.S. GAAP, International Financial Reporting Standards, and other comprehensive basis of accounting financial statements, and financial forecasts and projections. Yan is a frequent speaker at conferences and professional programs.

Prior to joining the firm, Yan was with a Big Four accounting firm and has worked in overseas capital markets.  She is the Technical Editor of the firm’s SEC Trends & Developments publication.

Personal Profile

  • What words of wisdom or famous quote most influences you professionally?
  • "All we can know is that we know nothing. And that's the height of human wisdom." – Leo Tolstoy
  • Where did you grow up?
  • China
  • Describe your college experience in one sentence.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
  • How do you enjoy spending your time outside the office?
  • I love to travel to new places and meet new friends.
  • What are you most passionate about with your work?
  • My work is incredibly dynamic and presents new challenges every so often.
  • If you had to choose another occupation, what would it be?
  • I would love to work at Starbucks.
  • What is your favorite nonprofit to support?
  • My favorite nonprofit organization is United Way. It works extremely well with all types of communities, and therefore has a longer lasting impact on people's lives.
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