James J. Agar

  • Managing Director, Eisner Advisory Group LLC


James J. Agar is a Managing Director in the Financial Advisory Services Group. With more than 25 years of experience, Jim specializes in fraud and forensic accounting, shareholder and partnership disputes, securities and antitrust litigation consulting, and commercial-dispute party advisory, expert witness testimony, arbitration services, and contract compliance assessment, among others.

Jim’s extensive background includes a broad range of forensic disputes, and controversy issues including investigations; asset identification and recapture; post-mergers and acquisitions working capital, earn-out, material adverse change, and representation and warranty disputes (including advisory services to buyers and sellers and ”neutral” services to both parties); contract compliance; accounting and audit malpractice allegations; asserted wrongful terminations; and many others.

Jim’s clients include large and boutique law firms and entities of various sizes from multiple industries including automotive manufacturing and distribution, alternative investments, pharmaceuticals, energy, commercial real estate, insurance, and consumer products.

Previously, Jim served as a Disputes and Controversies Director for the Northeast region of a Big 4 firm, where he also served as a National Co-Director for Post-M&A Dispute Services; altogether, he has more than 15 years of Big 4 experience. Earlier in his career, he was an Associate Director of Restructuring for the post-petition Enron Corporation, and he was a financial statement auditor for several years upon entering the profession.

Jim is a frequent speaker on topics such as post-mergers and acquisitions disputes, “Accounting for Lawyers,” and emerging issues in litigation services and economic crime.


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