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EisnerAmper Launches Return-To-Office, Social Distancing App: the “EisnerAmper RTO Platform”

Sep 28, 2020

EisnerAmper has launched the EisnerAmper RTO Platform, a return-to-office mobile application to help keep employees safe as the firm re-staffs its offices.

The EisnerAmper RTO Platform offers capacity management and scheduling capabilities that enable employees to work across offices in a safe, socially distant manner. The software was developed by EisnerAmper’s in-house technology team for use by EisnerAmper employees. After a successful launch, the firm is now offering the app at no cost to new and existing clients.

“Our in-house technology team initially developed the app to keep our employees safe as they began returning to our offices around the world,” said Charly Weinstein, EisnerAmper CEO. “Recognizing that ensuring employees a safe return to the office is a critical component of rebuilding our economy, we’re delighted to offer our clients and their employees the EisnerAmper RTO Platform at no cost.”

The EisnerAmper RTO Platform’s capabilities include:

  • Capacity Management – Existing work space can be reallocated to safely assign maximum capacity for staff and visitors.
  • Health Questionnaire – Employers can designate a set of questions or criteria employees and guests must answer before being granted a badge to enter a location.
  • Employee Badges – After entry criteria is met, the platform populates an access badge that allows an employee to enter a designated space. Based on the same criteria, visitors can receive an access badge via a web link.
  • Prerequisite Training Module – Employers can upload mandatory COVID-19 training for employees prior to office access.
  • Data and Analytics – Creates reports on how employees are using office space.
  • Contact Tracing – Entry logs can let employers reach out to potentially impacted staff.

“More than 75 percent of our staff have already downloaded and used the EisnerAmper RTO Platform." “Our goal is to ensure that our employees feel confident that we’re creating a safe work environment for when they are ready to return to the office.”

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