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Adaptive Insights

Adaptive software offers a comprehensive set of cloud-based solutions that enable functional and company-wide business planning and built-in analytics that allow for efficient scalability. It benefits finance, workforce, sales, and operational planning by allowing employees and companies to collaborate, gain insights and make smarter decisions, faster.

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Bill.com is a cloud-based application that automates the way companies pay bills, send invoices and receive payments. This allows companies to manage expenses, revenue and cash both easily and accurately. Bill.com automates the AP process by capturing emails and PDFs and then creating payable records that electronically flow through an approval process. It then verifies that the bills are coded correctly and approved by the appropriate person. Once approved, you can directly send payments (with the tap of your smartphone) from your bank account via check, electronic funds transfer, pay cards, or through the bill.com payment network. Similarly, you can also send electronic invoices with the click of a button and give customers several convenient payment options. Best of all, Bill.com integrates with most accounting packages so that AP, AR and cash can easily be tracked in near real-time.

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Founded in 2001, BlackLine is a leading provider of cloud software that automates and controls the financial close process. BlackLine is used across industries and is one of the top solutions created specifically to benefit finance and accounting. Some of the industries include banks, pharmaceuticals, health care, oil and gas, and insurance. Some benefits of BlackLine are:

  • Organizations get a faster, more efficient close without employees having to work long hours
  • Improved quality of account reconciliations
  • BlackLine lowers the cost of the financial close process
  • Improved control and visibility around the close
  • Ensures balance sheet integrity

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CloudAccess is a comprehensive cloud-based security-as-a-service vendor that offers a suite of robust solutions from SIEM tools, log management and even Single Sign On services. They offer cost-effective, high performance solutions controlled and managed from the cloud which are designed to meet compliance requirements, diverse business needs, and protection of clients’ IT assets. The client benefits from having a variety of services hosted and managed through cloud services. CloudAccess products are continuously upgraded and based off of the latest Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) technologies. CloudAccess allows clients to have a host of services at their disposal. Products such as SIEM tools allow for network monitoring at a granular level for an increased understanding of a client’s risk position and real-time event correlation technology that allows services to grow and learn as events occur to better protect a client’s systems.

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EA-Collect by EisnerAmper is a powerful analytical and process redesign and management service. EA-Collect enables health care providers to collect these revenues, which previously represented significant revenue leakage, recovering an additional 10% to 15% of self-pay charges. Hospitals and physician groups are facing greater challenges collecting from self-pay accounts – commonly referred to as “patient responsibility.”  EA-Collect analytics pinpoint the 20% of self-pay patients who have commercial insurance or Medicaid eligibility, identify charity care patients in order to facilitate increased government support and system compliance, and segment patients into 27 demographic groups to benchmark performance and prioritize collection efforts.

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EisnerAmper Client Portal

Our Client Portal is a smart and secure way to share documents with your EisnerAmper team. It allows our clients to share documents, access final service deliverables, and review account details. We developed the Portal 100% in-house and custom built it specifically for our clients’ needs. The Portal allows information to be shared in a secure, encrypted environment, and offers two-layer authentication for added protection. We are constantly enhancing and developing new features for the Client Portal, with the goal of building a digital gateway for our clients to access EisnerAmper at all times.

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Expensify simplifies the expense reporting process with an easy-to-use smartphone-based application.  This technology helps employees get reimbursed for expenses faster, with less effort and more accurately. Gone are the days of manual expense reports using scissors, tape, spreadsheets, and time-consuming administrative support. Employees simply use their smartphones to take a photo of their receipts, complete some basic information and submit; the electronic approval process does all the rest.  This solution is perfect for reconciling corporate credit card transactions and reimbursing an employee for out-of-pocket expenses. Cloud-based, Expensify connects seamlessly to a main general ledger system as well as bank accounts and credit card accounts.

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EisnerAmper has partnered with IBM Watson to bring artificial intelligence (AI) into the accounting practice. Natural language processing (NLP), which is one application of AI, teaches machines to read and understand English language documents, like contracts. By training Watson to understand certain accounting literature using NLP, we can leverage a state of the art tool that helps us analyze our growing library of documentation. Watson’s knowledge base continues to grow and get smarter as we feed it more information and validate what it finds. It is not only accountants that can benefit from AI – any practice area or firm that struggles to manage a library of text-based documents can find great value with Watson as it can parse information from documents in as little as a few seconds.

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Qlik Sense is a business intelligence and visual analytics platform that can support a range of use cases, including guided analytics applications, self-service visualization, and access to custom dashboards with embedded analytics for improved presentation. The client benefits from using a data visualization tool with an associative engine at its core, which allow for the discovery additional insights a standard query-based business intelligence tool would miss due to system limitations. Data visualization is an often over-looked but important inclusion of a deliverable to better engage any target audience. Qlik Sense drives data literacy for all skill levels with an emphasis on customization of visualization and deliverables. Analyses are easily able to be changed and pivoted upon new information acquired or final product needs. This product is available through cloud services and through local use downloads which allows for the ability to use online or offline.

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Tableau software uses business intelligence to allow users to quickly visualize, connect and share data. Users are able to create and publish dashboards and share them with colleagues, partners, or customers without the need for programming skills. Tableau benefits any organization or department with a need for effective dashboarding and/or data visualization. It is used in various industries including sales, insurance, marketing, finance/accounting and health care. It benefits companies by:

  • Creating clear visualizations and supporting analysis of complex data sets
  • Offers the ability to work with large volumes of data without sacrificing performance
  • Easy integration with big data platforms

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    ThreatReady is a cybersecurity and risk management training resource manager that offers unique alternatives to standard cybersecurity trainings. The goal of ThreatReady is to create instinctive behaviors that are made to stick and offer longevity to a client’s cybersecurity risk reduction solutions. Clients benefit from a variety of risk reduction and cybersecurity awareness trainings at their disposal, allowing for organizations to require various types of trainings based on current trends and risks. ThreatReady provides year-round managed campaigns with one-on-one assistance to establish various objectives and deliver long-term behavioral changes and results. Organizations are provided with assurance that training campaigns will be properly implemented and adhered to by all employees, regardless of internal resource limitations. ThreatReady products are backed by leading psychological learning principles and have offered proven techniques of persuasion to their clients. Training programs offered by ThreatReady are continuously developed, updated, and improved upon by a team of cybersecurity and training experts.

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    UiPath is a leading robotic process automation (RPA) software that helps organizations efficiently automate business processes. The tool is capable of emulating many, if not most, human actions in a much more efficient manner. It benefits our clients and their employees doing the work. UiPath has been used successfully across numerous industries including banking, insurance, health care, telecommunications, finance/accounting and manufacturing. At a high level, organizations see savings in time, cost and manual effort. However, there are many ways utilizing UiPath can benefit an organization including:

    • More efficient customer service
    • Better accuracy
    • Improved compliance and the reduction of risk
    • Scalability
    • Increased speed and productivity

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    Workiva Wdesk

    Workiva Wdesk is a reporting and compliance cloud platform. The product is designed to unify end users, process, and data to deliver accurate reports required by regulators, leadership, and shareholders. The client benefits by having the ability to connect all data with context across a variety of spreadsheets, documents, and presentation to increase trust and consistency in the outputs. Stakeholders benefit by having the ability to access all shared data in real-time and a variety of data visualization and customization options to better present the results of work performed. With the built-in workflow and user friendly interface, this allows all users to improve productivity and automate parts of manual processes for increased efficiency. Easy to deliver final products and status updates are built-in for presentation to stakeholders and project managers.

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    Xero is a state-of-the-art general ledger system designed specifically for small to mid-sized business and for the accountants who support them. Often referred to in the marketplace as “Beautiful Accounting Software,” Xero has created a cloud-based application that makes it easy to enter, reconcile and report your business transactions. The interface is simple and intuitive, facilitating efficient software use. Xero is also designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems used to run your business. The software can connect directly to your bank so that financial transactions can be imported and reconciled without any data entry. Additionally, Xero has an extensive open API and a library of prefabricated connectors to hundreds of third-party applications. From ecommerce to HR and payroll, Xero makes it easy to import accounting data into your general ledger automatically and accurately.

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