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Job #1855: Controller - FL (2/21/2023)

Job Title



Deerfield Beach, Florida


$85,000 - $95,000


About Us

Waste Cost Solutions, 247 Emergency Dumpsters and WCS Facilities seeks a Comptroller. We are looking for an accounting and finance professional who will oversee the fiscal activity of our businesses. This position wil take over the payroll for 25-30 employees and need to do weekly commission calculations and reports. The remaining time will be spent leaning the accounting side of this business and try to assist in making it more efficient.

In our corporation, the comptroller position will report to the CEO and supervises the accounting and financial reporting tasks. Comptrollers need an array of knowledge and skills to do their work.


· Accounting: Comptrollers oversee accounting departments. They need broad and deep knowledge of accounting regulations, procedures, and policies. A comptroller may maintain payroll, manage accounts payable and receivable, file state and federal taxes, and prepare financial statements.

· Financial Forecasting: Organizational decision makers rely on financial data to create strategic plans, apply for loans, and create next year's budget. The comptroller provides the financial information these leaders need to create forecasts.

· Enhancing Financial Checks and Controls: Comptrollers ensure integrity in financial reporting by formulating policies and procedures. They also create, maintain, and monitor a system of checks and controls that helps keep a company safe from financial fraud.

· Evaluating Financial Risk: In many agencies and organizations, the comptroller's office works with senior managers to conduct risk analysis. Corporate risks can involve operations, compliance, or reputation. A comptroller may analyze credit, liquidity, price risk, and interest.

· Developing Corporate Financial Growth Plans: In addition to overseeing an organization's finances, comptrollers may design, articulate, and create plans that create business growth and drive new opportunities.

Key Hard Skills

· Advanced Financial Management: Comptrollers supervise a company's financial management activity. To succeed in this role, comptrollers need skills in evaluating the firm's financial performance, forecasting the financial future, making financial decisions, working with markets, and budgeting capital.

· Financial Management Analysis: As financial leaders in their companies, comptrollers must analyze their organization's past financial performance, estimate its future performance, and value its equity. These professionals must interpret financial statements with skill and precision.

· Audit Planning and Management: Auditing requires comptrollers and their staff to gather, summarize, and interpret financial data so they can verify its accuracy. Comptrollers must know the accounting principles and practices to audit their firms' financial records.

· Budget Execution: Comptrollers must understand the principles, procedures, and laws that guide the process of executing a budget. This includes outlining the steps to executing a budget and identifying potential violations of the law.


Key Soft Skills

· Communication: A comptroller must explain financial policies and procedures to their staff members and organizational leaders. A comptroller may also represent their company in the media, serving as the face and voice of the organization.

· Change Management: Growing companies need leaders that can navigate complex organizational change. As a financial leader, the comptroller needs the skills to coordinate cash flow fluctuations, acquisitions or sales, and executive leadership transitions.

· Leadership: Executive leadership roles involve assembling a strong team and driving performance. A successful comptroller must develop and maintain corporate partnerships, motivate and inspire their team members, and manage change.

· Emotional Intelligence: Comptrollers need emotional intelligence to help their teams work through difficult situations. Emotional intelligence requires motivation, empathy, and self-awareness. Emotionally intelligent leaders build strong relationships and develop effective teams.

· Must be aware and able to use Quickbooks and look at other software's as well.

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