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Women in leadership roles face unique opportunities, and challenges, in managing and growing their teams and businesses. Cirque Du Sophia (Circle of Wisdom) was developed over twenty years ago by women leaders, for women leaders: to learn, support and encourage each other in pursuit of achieving “success”, however you define it.

EisnerAmper is excited to partner with Cirque du Sophia to provide an opportunity for women leaders to experience this unique forum of learning.

Cirque du Sophia is a unique gathering of women leaders who are interested in business growth, professional development, and personal alignment. Cirque du Sophia meets in beautiful, private surroundings that support and challenge us to understand ourselves, examine our behavior, build skills and create our own leading points of view.

Cirque, (n.) Originating from the Latin circus, Cirque is a ring, circlet or circle.
Sophia, (n.) From the Ancient Greek, means “high knowledge,” “learning”, “wisdom”.

We believe that when professional women come together and support each other to step in and bring their own authentic leading style to their companies, communities and families ~ their businesses are stronger, their stakeholders win, and they can find balance and joy in their lives.

Group size is limited to 20 for this forum, due to the intensity of the topic and the lovely venue we have selected.

Learning, laughing and contemplation. We choose exquisite locations to encourage you to reward yourself for all you’ve accomplished and provide a comfortable space to learn, highly skilled facilitators who encourage deep learning and laughter and time for you to reflect on what you want to be creating for your organization and yourself.

Given the small number of participants, the facilitators are able to find the right rhythm for the group and encourage all voices to be heard.

For twenty years, Cirque du Sophia has been hosting Forums for women at the top. Cirque brings distinctive practices, personal growth and skill-building opportunities, innovative and immediately applicable insights, and tools and techniques to women who are making a difference in their companies and in their own lives. Interested in learning about the Cirque philosophy, where we've been and what we've done? Visit


Powerful women bring unique attributes to their leading roles – and sometimes, perhaps a lot, this means we are involved in conflict. When faced with conflict, maybe you feel intimidated – or are intimidating yourself. Maybe you find conflict stressful and something to be avoided. Maybe you find conflict a way to air differences, or maybe you’d rather have everything run smoothly without any conflict at all.

As a strong woman leader, how you perceive conflict and operate when conflict is involved, becomes part of your signature style – how others see you, how they respond to you, and how they judge your effectiveness. And here’s the good news! You don’t have to grit your teeth and just “get through the conflict.” You can understand the dynamic of conflict. You can have an objective perspective of what is really going on. You can master behaviors to be exactly who you want to be and say exactly what you want to say in conflict situations.

As a woman leader who can make a difference in this world, are you are willing to learn what’s possible, try on new behaviors, receive feedback and become adept at dealing with conflict?

Please join us for this interactive, informative, and immediately applicable forum and retreat to:

  1. Gain perspective about how your style of contact and conflict propels you forward, and can hold you back.
  2. Identify and understand the role that conflict plays in your decisions, interactions, opportunities and personal development.
  3. Map skills and build competence to engage when in conflict. Receive feedback and apply practical approaches that are immediately applicable in your corporate situations and personal relationships.
  4. Be immersed in a range of distinctive topics, techniques, and tools that clarify your desired leading style, how you want to show up in conflict situations, increase your interpersonal savvy, and achieve your strategic business goals.
  5. Draw on a newly created circle of wisdom and support to propel you forward in a manner of your choosing.

Our goal together? Create and practice new ways of responding and new alternatives for your future!

September 22nd, 3:30pm start through September 26th, 2019, late morning finish


Cost for this all-inclusive event includes the immediately impactful Cirque du Sophia Forum and materials, plus four night's lodging in a beautiful, private, en suite room, and all healthy gourmet meals, snacks, and special events: $5,400.

Early registration discount! If you register prior to June 1, 2019, your all-inclusive fee is $4,750. That's $650 that you can spend in airfare or touring money!

We strongly (strongly) urge you to get "cancel for any reason" trip insurance for the cost of the Cirque registration fee plus your travel expenses ( [Pro's tip: For a variety of reasons, it is prudent to purchase travel protection when you first book your trip (i.e. make your first payment for travel arrangements.)]

Full Cancellation Policy

Venue, Accommodations and Getting Here
Pousada Caniçada-Gerês
We will gather, work and stay in the lovely and historic Pousada Caniçada-Gerês, located in Gerês, Portugal, near the incredible Peneda-Gerês National Park, the only area in Portugal classified as a National Park. The Pousada is located in a gorgeous mountain chalet, sitting high in the mountains between forests, translucent waterfalls and unforgettable scenery. It is a vista point over the Cançada Dam, in the middle of the Rio Cávado.

Fly into Porto Airport (airport code OPO). There are easy non-stop flights from Newark, NJ (airport code EWR). Once there, rent a car, share a ride with other participants, or use the airport transfer company we have arranged. (100 Euro each way, for 1 to 6 passengers)

Temperatures in Gerês, Portugal should be in the comfortable 70’s while we are there, and we’ll have plenty of opportunity to be outdoors and enjoy stunning nature and views.

Discovering Northern Portugal is like travelling through time. It means visiting world heritage cities and discovering traditions and ancient sites. It also means breathing the fresh air of national parks and exploring the unique nature and landscapes. In this celebration of adventure, come and enjoy the local smells and tastes and relax in a pool at the end of a good day out.

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Cancellation Policy:
Regrettably, we must have a cancellation policy because of payments and promises made. - If Cirque du Sophia cancels by EisnerAmper, 100% of your registration cost will be refunded to you.

  • If you need to cancel on or before June 12, 2019, you will be issued a full refund of your registration fee minus a $250 USD processing fee
  • Cancellation after June 12, 2019: EisnerAmper is unable to refund the registration fee due to the payments and commitments we have made. After June 12, 2019 your registration fee is ONLY refundable by your own purchased trip insurance. Therefore, we strongly urge you to get "cancel for any reason" trip insurance for the cost of the Cirque registration fee plus your travel expenses (


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Tentative Agenda:

This unique Cirque forum is focused on understanding and harnessing constructive conflict and creative energy to produce productive, engaging and inspiring organizational cultures and healthy, balanced relationships, both inside and outside our corporate lives. As we delve into the various behaviors and practices that may not be serving us well, our time will involve active and hands-on skill-building, reflective and purposeful introspection, and, at times, deep self-exploration and focused application. Our goal together? Create and practice new ways of responding and new alternatives for our future! 
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Lisë Stewart | EisnerAmper LLP
Lisë is the Principal-in-Charge of the EisnerAmper Center for Family Business Excellence. She brings over 30 years of experience in consulting and coaching closely held businesses and she serves as Board Chair for the nonprofit she founded, The Galliard Family Business Advisor Institute.



Melissa S. Kelly-McCabe | Clear Intent Strategy, Inc.
Melissa is a strategist, credentialed master executive coach, and a dynamic public speaker. With over 25 years of experience, she coaches women at the top as they attain their business goals while imprinting their own style on the business.



Natalie McVeigh | EisnerAmper LLP
Natalie is a Director in the Center for Family Business within the Private Business Services Practice and has more than 10 years of experience as a consultant and coach. Natalie has specialized experience in building and developing cohesive teams through utilizing assessments and creating training curricula.


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