Webinar: Telehealth and Coding

Even as regulations remain in flux, most players in health care believe that telehealth services will continue at a much greater volume than pre-COVID levels. We will focus on the distinct challenges for coding telehealth services. Furthermore, coding and documentation for telehealth visits have not previously received adequate attention, and documentation requirements will need to be supported. Payers have already begun retrospective audits of telehealth records and recouping revenue. Learn how to support the visits that your practice bills and what requirements are for the most common telehealth services.

During this session directed at physicians and practice managers, we will review:

  • Current status of telehealth
  • Strategic value of telehealth
  • Types of telehealth services
  • How telehealth can add to your practice’s revenue mix
  • Compliant documentation
  • Permanent vs. temporary telehealth services


Clark-Nancy-200.jpg Orlov_Bert-200.jpg
Nancy Clark
Senior Manager
Bert Orlov



Wednesday, December 09, 2020 1:15 PM to 2:15 PM ET