Webinar: Buying & Selling Closely Held Businesses During a Pandemic

Join us for an interactive panel discussion and meet leading middle-market business owners who recently sold their companies or made acquisitions. Learn the secrets of successfully completing a transaction during volatility and the impact a pandemic may have had on valuation.

Our panel will share what they wish they had known prior to selling their business, the intricacies of the process and best practices for success. Get answers to questions like: Where to begin? What to do? Who to talk to?

Who Should Attend:

  • Business Owners and C-Suite Executives of Privately Held Companies
  • Corporate and Strategic Acquirers
  • Private Equity Firms


Frank Cannone Final.jpg Epp_Travis-final.jpg Alan Scharfstein Final .jpg
Frank Cannone
Corporate Chair
Gibbons P.C.
Travis Epp
Alan Scharfstein
The DAK Group
Rich Albert Final.jpg Mike Charney Final.jpg Justin Nardone Final.jpg
Rich Albert
Founder & Chairman
Astrix Technology Group
Michael Charney
Justin Nardone
Founder & CEO


Thursday, May 20, 2021 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM ET