Women of EisnerAmper Webcast: Thriving During Times of Change

As experienced professionals, much of the way in which you conduct your daily business has been consistent, maybe even routine. This consistency has helped you to be efficient with your time, professional in your standards, and skilled in your industry. But what happens when you are forced to change, without warning and precedence? With COVID-19, we were thrust into a new environment practically overnight. And now we are in stages of returning to the office, returning to schools and changing our newly formed "safe at home routines." It seems like each day a new challenge or change is forced upon us, and being agile, resilient, and full of equanimity can be a tall order, especially considering that women more often take the load of personal home responsibilities on top of their professional roles.

During our webcast, you learn about the role of resilience and anti-fragility and how these reservoirs of strength can bolster you not just to survive these changing times, but to thrive. We will discuss how you can examine potentially detrimental habits and beliefs, and then effectively change your actions to adjust to this "next normal." Be prepared to challenge your assumptions and consider new ways to support a different way of being with your colleagues and family.


Natalie McVeigh
Director, Center for Individual and Organizational Performance

Marie Arrigo (moderator)



Thursday, October 22, 2020 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM ET