Virtual Reality


David Katz, Senior Audit Manager in EisnerAmper's Technology and Life Sciences Practice, discusses some of the financial aspects of virtual reality, such as investment, valuation, revenue recognition and more.

David Katz is a Senior Audit Manager providing domestic and international accounting, auditing and business consulting services to public and private clients in a variety of industries.

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Cryptocurrency still has the reputation for significant price swings. In this episode of the Dave & Dave Show, we look at a new contender—with some big backers—that’s tied to the U.S. dollar to help temper that volatility.

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In this episode of The Dave & Dave Show, we talk about the debut of the world’s first ETF powered by artificial intelligence (AI). We discuss the technology behind it, if it impacts a fund’s expense ratio and, most importantly, how it’s performing.

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The iPhone X has put a renewed spotlight on facial recognition technology. Dave Katz gives us a history on this type of technology, some of the privacy and security issues, what the market looks like and which companies are leading the charge.

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Will the robot vacuum collect customer household data and offer it to technology companies to enhance internet of things devices? Here is what information is being collected, potential data privacy and security issues, and iRobot’s response to consumer concerns.

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In this episode of the Dave & Dave Show, EisnerAmper Senior Audit Manager Dave Katz tells us about electric car company Tesla receiving a significant investment from Chinese technology giant Tencent.

Amazon's Acquisition of Dubai Based E-Commerce Company

Dave Katz, Senior Audit Manager in EisnerAmper’s Technology and Life Sciences Practice, discusses recent mergers and acquisitions in e-commerce including Amazon's recent acquisition of Souq, a Dubai based e-commerce company.

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With tech jobs are estimated to double over the next decade, this episode of the Dave and Dave show, as part of EisnerAmper’s Technology Podcast, discusses the market for tech talent and what the forecast for tech employment looks like.

Amazon Go Wants to Streamline Your Grocery Shopping

Dave Katz, Senior Audit Manager in EisnerAmper’s Technology and Life Sciences Practice, and Richard Colloca, Partner-in-Charge of EisnerAmper’s Food and Beverage Group, discuss Amazon’s plan to use 'Just Walk Out Technology.'

Being Taken For a Ride – The Self-Driving Car

David Katz, Senior Audit Manager in EisnerAmper’s Technology and Life Sciences Practice, gives a “state of the union” on self-driving cars, an overview of Uber’s unique experiment in Pittsburgh, and a glimpse of what we can expect in the marketplace.

Biotech Faces a Real Estate Shortage

In this podcast, we learn about the real estate shortage in the nation’s biotech hubs, the challenges of obtaining and creating new space, how early-stage companies are coping, and what’s on the drawing board to help alleviate the shortage.

Hyperloop Could Take People from LA to SF in 35 Minutes

In this episode of the Dave & Dave Show, Dave Katz, Senior Audit Manager in EisnerAmper’s Technology and Life Sciences Practice, tells us about this space-age technology that could revolutionize personal travel and commercial traffic sooner than you may think.

Is the Commercial Drone Market Ready for Takeoff?

David Katz, Senior Audit Manager in EisnerAmper’s Technology and Life Sciences Practice, discusses the commercial drone market, including potential markets, barriers to entry, and where capital investment is headed.