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Articles June 01, 2021 What To Do if You Were Just Acquired by a SPAC

Chances are that if you were determined to be SPAC-worthy, you’ve have already invested in a sound foundation including governance, reporting and control. This article explains some of the ways public companies are expected to build and support this …

Articles May 27, 2021 What To Do To Prepare for the Shift in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing and Reporting

More and more investors are becoming conscious of the environmental and societal impact of organizations and their operations. This signifies the growing need for sustainable business practices and information related to environmental, social, and go…

Articles May 25, 2021 What To Do: Performing and Refreshing Fraud Risk Assessments

As we begin to emerge from a very trying period, it is crucial for management to consider the risk of fraud, including impact and likelihood, especially if the topic has previously not been a top priority.

Articles May 21, 2021 Converting Your Intellectual Property (IP)

Once an entrepreneur has secured their intellectual property (IP) and received that first round of funding, they have to strategize how to convert it into a fundable business.

Articles May 21, 2021 Funding Your Intellectual Property (IP)

Following the securitization of IP, an entrepreneur has to seek funding sources in order to monetize that IP (whether that’s by commercialization or sale).

Articles May 20, 2021 Ireland’s Investment Limited Partnership (ILP): Some Key Messages

In this article, we briefly consider some key messages about the Investment Limited Partnership, which can be factored into decision-making about the domicile and structure of an AIF in the form of a partnership.

Articles May 20, 2021 Private Equity GP-Led Secondary Transactions – Are They Here to Stay?

As LP-led transactions have continued year-after-year unabated and grown in sophistication, a large, noticeable trend has emerged in recent years – the rise of GP-led secondary market transactions.

Articles May 19, 2021 Securing Your Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual property is a work or invention and the person or people who create it (or their employer) has the rights to it. This article examines the process for securing those rights.

Articles May 18, 2021 The Employee Retention Tax Credit – Could Every Small/Medium-Sized Business Benefit?

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 allowed businesses that received PPP funds to still qualify for the ERC. This article outlines the benefits available to eligible employers as well as the interplay between the ERC and the PPP.