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Articles February 25, 2023 Information Security: More Than Just a Checkbox

With the prolific amount of personal and sensitive information being collected and stored by organizations, the potential for data breaches and security incidents is greater than ever. Security executives should focus not only on protection and priva…

Articles February 25, 2023 What to Do: Performing and Refreshing Enterprise Risk Assessments

Fraud risk is just one of many categories of risk applicable to any organization. To answer the question of where your organization may be exposed, this article offers a number of concepts, tools or methods that may help you gain peace of mind, perso…

Articles February 24, 2023 Venture Capital Fund Tax Planning for Advisory Shares

Venture capital managers may intend for advisory shares to be held by the fund, to share in the upside with their LPs. However, with this potential upside comes a host of tax issues to be navigated.

Articles February 23, 2023 The Liquidation Expenses Principle

Once a company goes into liquidation, the proper expenses and liabilities incurred by its liquidators may be accorded priority over the company’s other unsecured liabilities. This is known as the liquidation expenses principle.

Articles February 22, 2023 Outlook for Private Equity Dealmaking in 2023

This article examines how private market investments, in a state of uncertainty following a slowdown in M&A activity in 2022 after an active 2021, can create attractive opportunities for patient capital, which may be able to take advantage of opportu…

Articles February 22, 2023 CFOs’ Checklist for Current Expected Credit Loss Standard (“CECL”) Implementation

The current expected credit loss (“CECL”) standard is next on CFOs’ radars following a rather intensive exercise of implementing the new lease standard (“ASC 842"). As a result, many CFOs are eager to get started with their CECL implementation – here…

Articles February 03, 2023 2023 State and Local Tax Considerations

This article features insight into significant tax considerations including the state pass-through entity tax (PTET), telecommuting, changing domicile, and sourcing of service revenue for purposes of the New York City Unincorporated Business Tax.

Articles January 10, 2023 Top Five Emerging Technologies and Their Use Cases for 2023

With the world becoming increasingly connected, staying on top of the latest technological trends is essential. In this article, we will discuss the top five emerging technologies for 2023 and their use cases.

Articles January 10, 2023 2023 Trends in the Life Sciences Industry

We have gathered some data and information to keep you informed; here are ten trends in the life sciences industry to watch in 2023.