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Articles September 01, 2021 The Drivers and Challenges of ESG for Private Equity

This article examines the challenges to successfully planning, implementing and measuring the impact of ESG-related strategies for private equity firms.

Articles September 01, 2021 Investing in a Venture Capital Fund: Tax, Regulatory, and Finance Implications

An in-depth look at tax, regulatory, and finance implications on investing in venture capital.

Articles August 27, 2021 Life After Going Public

You did it; your company’s stock is now being publicly traded. This article takes a look at what that means for founders, executives and employees of the business.

Articles August 26, 2021 Family Offices and Regulatory Scrutiny Following Archegos Capital Management Implosion

This article discusses recent events and examines the regulatory environment for family offices.

Articles August 26, 2021 Royalty Audits--A Licensee Perspective

This article offers a step-by-step overview of the royalty audit process from the licensee’s perspective.

Articles August 26, 2021 Dark Web: The Basics of Cyber Attacks

This article takes a look at a breeding ground for cybercrime: the dark web, and how organizations can protect themselves.

Articles August 25, 2021 How Does Completing a Venture Round Change a Company?

Completing an initial venture capital (VC) funding round is a huge milestone – this article examines how this can impact any number of processes, including product development and talent procurement, as well as ordinary working capital purposes.

Articles August 23, 2021 The Battle in Congress for Cryptocurrency Tax Reporting Rules – Who Will Win?

This article examines how Congress has finally come around to writing cryptocurrency tax law into the Internal Revenue Code by revising the outdated language of the term “broker” and also providing a definition for digital assets.

Articles August 23, 2021 Outdated “Responsible Party” Information May Slow Down Your Tax Refund

In an effort to combat identity theft and fraud security issues, the IRS is urging corporations, partnerships, trusts and estates and other entities with EINs to update their information if there has been a change in the responsible party or contact …