Videos October 07, 2021 A New Era for Private Equity and Venture Capital

The Private Equity and Venture Capital industries find themselves at a critical juncture. Both industries find themselves at a key moment in time amid the democratization of private markets, billions of dollars of dry powder on the sidelines waiting …

Videos October 07, 2021 Keynote Speakers: Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John of ABC’s Shark Tank, hosted by Charles Weinstein

Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John, ABC's Shark Tank, will share the successes and challenges of their respective journeys, what they think comprises a winning investment, tips for investors and more.

Videos October 07, 2021 The Future of Hedge Funds

Hedge fund assets have soared to record highs. A new economic environment, categorized by volatility, the success of industries that have provided critical goods and services over the past year and a half and sky high stock prices, has reinvigorated …

Videos September 29, 2021 Strategic Overview

EisnerAmper discusses the strategic roadmap process, and how we can help you and your organization put a plan together to look for three to five years out within your organization.

Videos September 29, 2021 Conflict: You Have It. How Do You Manage It?

EisnerAmper discusses what organizations and family conflict models are used to support your conflict capabilities.

Videos September 16, 2021 Charly Gets Sirius About Leadership

Charles Weinstein talks with Leadership in Action host Mike Useem on Business Radio, SiriusXM 132.

Videos June 15, 2021 What Technology and Life Sciences Companies Need to Know About SOC 1 Reports

Brenda DeSaro explains what a SOC 1 Report is, discusses why companies need to be concerned about these reports even though they likely outsource this work to third-party providers, and outlines a best practices approach.

Videos May 11, 2021 Expense Detect: Data Driven Intelligence

Our Expense Detect is a comprehensive service that makes sense of expenses and helps companies avoid fraud.

Videos February 17, 2021 Nicholas Tsafos Talks SPACs on Yahoo Finance

Nicholas Tsafos was guest on Yahoo Finance discussing the rise of SPCAs, what’s fueling their growth, investor due diligence, industries impacted, and much more.