Victor Aranda

  • Senior Manager, Eisner Advisory Group LLC


Victor Aranda is a seasoned IT professional who, for more than 20 years, has focused on technology solutions and he has embodied the gamut of the ever-changing IT industry using his skills. Victor entered the industry from the personal computer side and adapted with the evolving industry. After mastering personal computers, he adjusted to servers, storage, networking, internetworking and strategy, in addition to multiple disciplines of technology, his strategic.

Having mastered multiple disciplines of technology, Victor’s strategic focus and keen eye towards managing risk, he now focuses on helping organizations in IT planning and building a roadmap to enable clients to have the highest quality IT risk management in place, with the most optimal spending budget.

A leader in thought, Victor is highly sought after for his ideas in multiple mid-market segments including, finance, real estate, health care, insurance, emerging technologies. He has helped numerous organizations by supplementing their current staff with strategy and guidance or supplanting staff with more efficient resource allocations to optimize financial controls of organizations.

Having received multiple certifications from technology vendors, it has enabled Victor’s technology skills to grow and blossom.

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