Mergers & Acquisition

Whether you’re selling a business or transferring ownership interests, providing equity-based compensation to management, or allocating the purchase price in connection with an acquisition, gaining an understanding of the value of a business, its ownership interests, and its intangible assets is critical to developing a strategy that can maximize the effectiveness of a transaction.

EisnerAmper’s professionals understand that the challenge of having a successful outcome in mergers and acquisitions is often quite complex for both buyers and sellers. There are unique details and processes to address and problems to solve. Our professionals understand that no two businesses are exactly alike and we combine practical judgment and accepted methodologies with an in-depth understanding of sales transactions, industry trends, court rulings, market data, and the latest research, for the valuations we perform.
In addition, our team uses their analytical skills and broad knowledge base to provide a variety of other services, including assistance with closing balance sheet adjustments, earnout reviews, purchase price allocations, financial modeling and forensic investigations to ensure that your best interests are served.  By thinking ahead and keeping a sharp eye on meaningful issues, we focus on producing meaningful conclusions which can stand up to the highest levels of scrutiny.

M&A Valuation Services:

  • Business interest and equity valuation 
  • Intangible asset valuation
  • Purchase price allocations
  • Valuation due diligence
  • Deal structuring and consulting 
  • Post-acquisition disputes

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