Utilizing Excel to Assist in Office Procedures

Seminar Objectives 

  • Enable attendee to become familiar with basic Excel formulas
  • Allow attendee to build spreadsheets to assist in office procedures

The Power of Excel 

Excel provides the capability to manipulate simple or complex data to provide information upon which decisions can be made. Many of the mundane, repetitive activities can be automated to provide a significant performance boost and an enhanced level of accuracy

Anticipated Savings 

  • Seminar attendees time on simple repetitive monthly procedures can be reduced to allow time to analyze financial data and provide feedback on dealership’s operations.
  • Reduce outside accountant billings by providing accurate analysis of non scheduled accounts.
  • By automating office procedures reduce staff time spent on monthly tasks.

Basic Formulas 

  • Setting up tool bars
    • Standard Tool Bar
    • Personal Tool Bar
  • Copying Data-Pasting Data-Paste Special
  • Cutting Data
  • Know the difference before performing the steps
  • Adding a Range of Numbers
    • Utilizing the Sum Icon
    • Manually writing the formula
  • Data Sort
    • Utilization of this tool
      • Floor Plan
      • Checks
      • Duplicate items
    • Preparing the range to be sorted
    • Be able to re-set the data
    • Order of Columns to be sorted
    • Ascending and descending data
  • Auto Save
    • Limit amount of data and changes lost in case of shut-down or mistakes at closing
  • Inserting Columns/Rows/Spreadsheets
    • Know what happens to formulas
  • Formatting Cells, Ranges, Data
    • Number/Text Format
    • Highlights, Shading Color Coding
    • Underline Words vs. Cells
    • Range formatting, Rows, Columns, Spreadsheets
  • Locking in Formulas
    • Utilize lock-in when copying formulas

Building Spreadsheets 

  • Bank Reconciliations
    • Range of Number additions
    • Multiple worksheet inter-facing
    • Formatting
  • F&I Reconciliations
    • Range of Number additions
    • Conditional formula
  • Prepaid Expenses
    • Various Cell calculations
    • Percentage formatting
  • Fixed Asset Accounts
    • Multiple Sheet interfacing
  • Floor Plan reconciliation
    • Multiple Sheet interfacing
    • Sorting Data
    • Conditional formatting
    • Sum a range of numbers
  • Loans/Debt Accounts
    • Sum a range of Numbers
    • Lock in Formula
  • Parts Statement Reconciliation
    • Sum a range of Numbers
    • Multiple worksheet interfacing
  • Intercompany accounts
    • Simple effective spreadsheet
    • High susceptibility to Fraud
  • Bonus/Commissions spreadsheet
    • Utilize input table
    • Repetitive calculations
    • Lock in Formula
    • Easy to print & disseminate information


Sam Longo

Doris Rafaeli

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