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Articles March 28, 2017 Will Autonomous Cars Sideswipe the Insurance Industry?

When it comes to autonomous cars, most people wrestle with the safety risks or costs to consumers for this advanced technology. But one thing you hear little about is what role will auto insurance play?

Articles March 28, 2017 Intellectual Property Protection: The Evolving World of 3D Printing and Intellectual Property

The 3D printing market is expected to exceed $30 billion by 2022. With that comes opportunities and challenges – particularly in the area of intellectual property protection.

Articles March 28, 2017 Immigration and Investment: The Changing World of the EB-5 Program

Currently the EB-5 program is an inexpensive and popular way of becoming a resident of a country – particularly the United States. However, beginning in 2017, changes are going to occur in the U.S.-based EB-5 Program.

Articles January 02, 2017 Trends & Developments - October 2015 - Be Aware (Beware) – Discounted Stock Options are Subject to 409A

Closely held businesses need to be aware of the valuation requirements related to stock and appreciation right grants under section 409A to avoid the extremely harsh tax consequences imposed on the employee for failure to comply with these rules.

Articles November 15, 2016 RIAs Overall Applaud SEC’s Increased Oversight Following Labor Department’s New Fiduciary Rule

The SEC is increasing its scrutiny of Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) due the growth in the industry, which is expected to continue more rapidly given the Labor Department’s recent fiduciary rule that takes effect in April.

Articles November 15, 2016 SEC’s Focus on Auditors and Accounting Firms

The SEC has issued pronouncements on enforcement actions against auditing firms. SEC actions against auditors are nothing new and have occurred for decades. As such, employees involved in audits should be aware of risk factors leading to regulatory…

Articles November 15, 2016 Want Your Law Firm M&A to Succeed? Don’t Skip the Due Diligence

A merger and acquisition can be tricky enough, but an M&A at a professional service firm requires certain business and financial acumen. 2015 was a banner year as 91 law firm M&A transactions were completed in the U.S. What is driving law firm merger…

Articles June 15, 2016 Cyber Threats to Law Firms

Cybersecurity is an enterprise business risk for all law firms, and includes everyone in the organization. Law firm IT and administrative professionals are increasingly under pressure to ensure that up-to-date cybersecurity and privacy standards are …

Articles June 15, 2016 Applying Eminent Domain to IP Transfer Pricing

Intellectual property proponents argue that patents, copyrights and trademarks should be called intellectual property in order to be covered by eminent domain protections. The application of eminent domain has sparked discussions about ownership and …