Tracking and Reporting Fundraising Expenses - How Much Does it Cost to Get…?

A nonprofit organization or tax exempt organization can categorize their annual expenses, for financial reporting purposes, as Program Expenses, Management and General Expenses and Fundraising Expenses and Income. In this presentation, Tracking and Reporting Fundraising Expenses, we examine the definitions andexamples of nonprofit fundraising expenses, and how these expenses get presented in the nonprofit's annual financial reporting.

Also examined are Indirect Cost Allocation. Although there is 'no one right way or required method', a nonprofit's Indirect Cost Allocation Plan should be reasonable, consistent and documented.

Joint activities, including joint activities with state and local government, require special reporting, allocation and disclosure. We discuss AICPA SOP 98-2, Accounting for Costs of Activities of Not-for-Profit Organizations and State and Local Governmental Entities That Include Fund-Raising, and the criteria that must be met to be considered a fundraising event.

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