Technology Trends for Small and Middle-Market Businesses

Virtualization, mobility, and the “cloud” are transforming the way businesses purchase, use, and manage their IT assets and data.  These are powerful and disruptive trends that present opportunities, as well as challenges, for businesses of all sizes.  Technology vendors and service providers are responding by offering entirely new products and services for their clients.  

The overwhelming trend to “move to the cloud” is driven by claims of lower costs; higher reliability; and better security, backups, and disaster recovery, as well as 24/7 uptime.   Are these claims real?  They seem too good to be true, and often they are.   But how can business leaders who need to focus on their business, with little time to research these new technologies, be able to understand the real costs as well as pros and cons of these new solutions?

Business leaders and decision makers are also challenged with not only understanding and making sense of these new offerings, but also deploying them in their unique environment.  They know they need to deploy new technologies faster and more cost-effectively; that is undeniable.  Meanwhile employees are now demanding mobility and want the freedom to choose the devices they use for consuming and producing information.   And these challenges are all compounded by the fact that new technologies are evolving at an astounding, unprecedented pace.

We have prepared a one-hour webinar, to be held from 12-1pm on September 19, which examines cloud offerings, explains the benefits of virtualization, and analyzes the mobility trend.  With this session you’ll gain an understanding of what to look for, what to avoid, and how you can make well-informed decisions relative to these new technologies.   Join us for an hour that we believe will provide great value for you and your business.

Daniel Gibson provides accounting, tax planning and consulting services to real estate and services industries and is a member of the AICPA and New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants.

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