Attendees of the Pivotal Technology conference in New York discuss the tech sector and challenges of product development and cybersecurity.

If It’s Technology, It’s Pivotal: Part 2


In this EisnerAmper podcast, attendees of the Pivotal Technology conference discuss why they are attending, and give valuable insights into their business involvement with technology, and how it relates to other companies in the Long Island and New York business region. Some of the topics they discuss are how to do a successful tech company launch, the steps and challenges of product development and what some of the risks are in the technology industry. Areas of concern for the tech sector, and for all businesses and consumers in general, include the issues of cybersecurity and confidentiality - specifically the concerns about protecting individuals' personally identifiable information.




Dave Plaskow: Hi, I'm Dave Plaskow and we're broadcasting live from EisnerAmper's Pivotal Tech Event here on Long Island, the center of the Tech Universe today in Westbury, and we are pleased to have with us now Evan Dash. Evan, welcome.

Evan Dash: Thank you.

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Exhibitors at the Pivotal Technology will discuss leading-edge technologies as well as groundbreaking technology in biotech, pharmaceutical and life sciences, and the impact of the changes due to the rise in the use of social media, and technology-based startup companies.

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