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Blogs January 06, 2020 Capitalizing Software Companies 101: Funding Your Business

A primer on the pros and cons of different fundraising platforms for technology companies including debt, crowdfunding, angel investors, venture capital, private equity and capital markets. Includes some key questions to ask yourself prior to fundrai…

Blogs June 04, 2019 The Data Privacy Block in the Chain: Blockchains and Immutability

Blockchain will help in deciding how companies process and store the their data. The Technology industry and regulators need to work together to overcome “blocks in the chain” which will assist with the interests of consumers and society.

Blogs May 17, 2019 eMerge Americas Attendees and Their Social Media of Choice

The eMerge Americas Conference was held in Miami on April 29 and 30. Melissa Medina, president of eMerge Americas, describes the event as a technology ecosystem that helps cultivate a technology hub in South Florida.

Blogs May 08, 2019 Re-imagining Cities: Miami -- The City of Sun, Fun and … TECH?

The eMerge Americas conference discussed changes taking place in Miami, one of which is the region’s progression as a technology hub. Miami is in the midst of a transformation, where innovation is converging with a city teeming with diversity.

Blogs May 07, 2019 How Women Are Disrupting Venture Capital

The disproportionate amount of venture capital allocated to female entrepreneurs was addressed at a session titled, “Disrupting Venture Capital: Funding Women Entrepreneurs” at eMerge Americas, a premier technology event connecting the Americas.

Blogs May 03, 2019 eMerge Americas 2019

The eMerge Americas conference in Miami had the ambitious goal to “transform Miami into the tech hub of the Americas.” The EisnerAmper team was at eMerge in full force and will be posting blog content and some of their favorite educational sessions.

Blogs January 14, 2019 Is the Market for CAR T-Cell Therapy One to Watch?

Cancer continues to be one of the leading causes of death globally, and the path to finding the cure is a vast and arduous one. One form of treatment is of particular interest and considered the next pillar of cancer treatment: immunotherapy.

Blogs December 05, 2018 Payroll Tax Offset from the R&D Tax Credit – Eligibility and Common Pitfalls

The recent enactment of the payroll tax offset for qualified small businesses has offered a major benefit for taxpayers. However, taxpayers must meet very specific criteria to be eligible for the benefit and should consult their tax professional.

Blogs November 26, 2018 Reducing the Impact of Dilution on Early-Stage Companies

Dilution is one of those necessary evils for founders, angel investors and employees of most early-stage companies. Here are several tactics used to effectively reduce the dilution on early-stage companies.