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Blogs January 14, 2021 A Virtual Hike Through Big Basin Vineyards—and Beyond

Technology and Life Science leaders hosted a virtual “Hike-and-Tell with Wine” to kick off this year’s J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference week.

Blogs October 01, 2020 Insights and Trends as Seen at TiEcon 2020

A recap of TiEcon 2020, focusing on AI/machine learning, security, blockchain, and digital health.

Blogs September 29, 2020 Recent SEC Announcements Facilitate Public and Private Company Funding

The SEC announced a pair of significant changes in the areas of direct listings and accredited investors that would expand companies’ access to funding.

Blogs September 29, 2020 Seven Key Scenario Planning Metrics for SaaS Companies

Seven important metrics that a SaaS company can use to plan for a variety of both expected and unexpected scenarios, one example being IPO preparation.

Blogs January 06, 2020 Capitalizing Software Companies 101: Funding Your Business

A primer on the pros and cons of different fundraising platforms for technology companies including debt, crowdfunding, angel investors, venture capital, private equity and capital markets. Includes some key questions to ask yourself prior to fundrai…

Blogs June 04, 2019 The Data Privacy Block in the Chain: Blockchains and Immutability

Blockchain will help in deciding how companies process and store the their data. The Technology industry and regulators need to work together to overcome “blocks in the chain” which will assist with the interests of consumers and society.

Blogs May 17, 2019 eMerge Americas Attendees and Their Social Media of Choice

The eMerge Americas Conference was held in Miami on April 29 and 30. Melissa Medina, president of eMerge Americas, describes the event as a technology ecosystem that helps cultivate a technology hub in South Florida.

Blogs May 08, 2019 Re-imagining Cities: Miami -- The City of Sun, Fun and … TECH?

The eMerge Americas conference discussed changes taking place in Miami, one of which is the region’s progression as a technology hub. Miami is in the midst of a transformation, where innovation is converging with a city teeming with diversity.

Blogs May 07, 2019 How Women Are Disrupting Venture Capital

The disproportionate amount of venture capital allocated to female entrepreneurs was addressed at a session titled, “Disrupting Venture Capital: Funding Women Entrepreneurs” at eMerge Americas, a premier technology event connecting the Americas.