The Value Of New Ideas: EisnerAmper Sponsors 2011 NYU Stern Entrepreneurs Challenge

Technology Venture Prize Awarded to Anzenna for Life Saving Diagnostic Tool

EisnerAmper was an underwriter of the new Technology Venture Competition at the 2011 NYU Stern’s New Venture Competition. The winning team was Anzenna which received a $75,000 cash prize to support further research and market development.

Stern's Entrepreneurs Challenge, organized by the School’s Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, is one of the largest and most rigorous business plan competitions in the country, attracting a record-high 221 teams this year and lasting eight months. Teams competed in the 12th Annual New Venture Competition; the 8th Annual Social Venture Competition, in which venture teams pursue a double bottom line of social impact and financial profitability or sustainability; or the 1st Annual Technology Venture Competition. Total prize money was $225,000.
After pitching their venture ideas, the three winning teams, each led by NYU students, faculty and alumni were chosen by a panel of judges from the for-profit, social enterprise and technology sectors.

Anzenna is a biotechnology company working to develop a disruptive transistor-based biosensor to detect biological reactions such as DNA hybridization and protein binding for disease detection of such devastating infections as Methicillin Resistant Staphococcus Aureus (MRSA). Anzenna’s technology is at the point of large scale development with a business model that estimates the diagnostic market for MRSA alone at more than $1 billion.

EisnerAmper and New Ventures: The power and value of entrepreneurship is well recognized within EisnerAmper. The firm has a long history of identifying early stage ventures and those visionaries who have the nerve to put form to the substance of their ideas. The 2011 Entrepreneurs Challenge is one of the best examples of how companies like EisnerAmper can contribute both financial and intellectual support to the entrepreneurs who are building the great new ventures of tomorrow. As underwriters, EisnerAmper was also asked to provide mentors for several of the competing teams such as Phoenix on Wheels, a company that sells “Bicycle Power Plants” as an alternative means for generating electricity in underserved communities.

“We look forward to continuing our work with NYU Tech Ventures and their emerging businesses”, says Susan Wittner, EisnerAmper Director of Marketing. “EisnerAmper continues to be involved with universities such as NYU, as well as business incubators to offer our support for this future stream of entrepreneurs.”

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