Michael Imber Discusses an Innovative Approach to State Pension Reform

August 26, 2019

The Connecticut Pension Sustainability Commission recently released its final report evaluating the potential for making in-kind contributions of state-owned capital assets to a trust for the benefit of the state’s underfunded pensions. City Journal’s Stephen Malanga calls this innovative approach “promising” but has questions about the execution of such a plan.

City Journal spoke with Michael Imber, Managing Director and leader of EisnerAmper’s Public Sector Advisory Services practice, about his participation as a member of the Commission and the details of the report.

The article highlights past examples of governments’ use of assets to satisfy legacy obligations, noting the pros and cons of the approach for Connecticut. Check out the article, “In Government Property We Trust.”

About Michael Imber

Michael Imber is a Managing Director in the Financial Advisory Services Group and leads the efforts in the Public Sector for Advisory Services.

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