Sports & Entertainment

Our Sports & Entertainment podcast topics include the latest sports accounting regulations, how to face operational issues such as revenue recognition and expense allocation at the venue and tax-jurisdiction levels. How to leverage tax credits and local production incentives, and securing of legal support services in cases of defalcation investigations.

Podcast February 09, 2021 Private Equity Investing in Media and Entertainment

In this episode of we speak with Vania Schlogel about her views on private equity, the specific opportunities she sees, why she opened an office in South Korea, her experience being a woman in the industry and more.

Podcast June 20, 2019 The Business of Golf Is No Longer Par for the Course

In this episode, we discuss the business side of golf including courses and the impact of Millennials and legalized gambling on the game of golf.

Podcast April 04, 2019 The Business of March Madness

In this episode of The Full Count, we talk about March Madness, the tremendous growth of the NCAA tournament, the evolution of streaming and online viewership and the impact of wagering.

Podcast March 25, 2019 A Conversation with Dan Hood from Accounting Today

In this EisnerAmper podcast, we talk with one of the leading journalists currently covering the accounting profession, Dan Hood, Editor-in-Chief of Accounting Today who tells us about what today’s successful content model looks like.

Podcast February 28, 2019 Putting a Bow on the 2018 Football Season … and a Look Ahead

In this episode, we look at NFL viewership numbers for 2018, how they compare to the 2017 season, as well as lessons learned for next year. 

Podcast January 30, 2019 The XFL and AAF Join the Pro Football Community

EisnerAmper looks at what could make the XFL and the AAF an attractive business opportunity, broadcast options, financial backers, sports gambling and other factors to give these new leagues staying power.

Podcast December 14, 2018 The Odds of Success for Legalized Gambling in Pro Sports

EisnerAmper looks at the growing presence of legalized gambling in professional sports. We discuss where it’s headed, the money and technology behind it, and how it plays into the fan experience.

Podcast December 20, 2017 Michael Breit Appears on “Full-Court Finance”

In this wide-ranging interview, Michael covered the bases on the business of sports, including sports franchise valuations and acquisitions, television revenues, content and advertising deals, how retail investors can invest in sports, and much more.