Voice Over IP Phone Systems (VoIP)

The internet has transformed our lives and how our businesses operate. Telephones are essential to how we do business every day. Originally telephones in a business were cabled with RJ11 twisted pair cables. This was that skinny cable that use to plug into the wall and then the phone. In offices these cables were connected to a closet where a PBX phone system box would be there doing all its magic. As time has moved on, many of the companies that created these phone systems have gone out of business. Lucent, for example was a large provider of traditional phone systems.

As our internet speeds got faster, it became possible to add the phone traffic on network cabling (Category 5/6) instead of (RJ11) cables. This would simplify an installation and simplify the operation. To make this leap happen, Voice over IP phone systems were created. Originally the phone box from Lucent was replaced with a device that looked like a traditional server and this device connected to the network and became the brains of the phone system. With time, however, VoIP phone systems have shifted the brains to the internet where a provider is hosting their own server and it directly connects to the phones in your office.

VoIP Features

VoIP phone systems offer lots of features and functionality that a traditional phone system does not. In our solution, you can have your voicemail forwarded to your cell phone as an email for example. The business can have multiple auto attendants depending on the time of year. Digital color screen IP based phones make the experience pleasant and merging conference calls and transfers are easy with touch screen capabilities. You can also take your phone anywhere in the world and plugin and your calls are routed as though you are at your desk. In addition we offer an app for android or apple phones that you can use and act as though you are in your office. A new addition for this year is a unified communications software that can be used from your computer. You no longer need a desk phone, you can have a headset, connect to your computer and be able to have phone calls, text messages, and video calls.

Voice over IP (VoIP) Provider

EisnerAmper offers such a VoIP solution and it’s often a top requested solution for our customers. The reason is they rely on us for their network operations and IT security so why not ask us to manage the phones that run ontop of the same network? It becomes a “one throat to choke” support situation. We believe it makes the most sense as well and allows us to offer a full security solution to our clients for all their business needs. Being one of our Top It Solutions, VoIP phone systems continue to have a significant place in our business technology services line up. We are committed to providing a hosted VoIP solution for our clients so they can focus on using the phones and running their business, not maintaining any hardware or server solution.

IT Support/Business Support

Managing your Business Computer Support 24×7 is a constant chore that diverts your company’s precious resources from focusing on your customers. Whether it’s helping end-users solve desktop issues or keeping your Line of Business applications running, IT Support problems are the Achilles heel of successful business operations. EisnerAmper has multiple Business Computer Support options that allow our customers to focus on engaging their customers and running their business.

EisnerAmper has 3 main practice areas that are designed to help you get your business back on track:

  • 24×7 Remote Managed Services: EisnerAmper watches your network around the clock so that you can engage your customers more effectively. We deliver 24×7 network management, server management, and unlimited help desk support at a low, flat monthly rate. Business computers support is only a taste of what we do.
  • Network Infrastructure Solutions: EisnerAmper has expertise in building IT solutions that increase productivity and mitigate risk. Some our practices include Network Optimization, Disaster Recovery, Unified Messaging and Virtualization.
  • IT Consulting Services: EisnerAmper provides strategic guidance on how to leverage technology to more effectively run your business and use IT as a competitive advantage.

Our Goal is to relieve your technology headaches so that you can focus on growing your business and building your bottom line! Our Business Computer Support solutions can solve all of your IT support challenges.