Video Security

This item in our Top 10 IT services is probably the one item that has the most potential to become number one very shortly. Video surveillance originally started as a very simple idea. Originally, cameras were mounted outside of buildings and there was a hard wired connection and power source to every camera that eventually run back to one centralized video recording system. That recorder saved all files for historical purposes. It looked like an old VHS recorder, and it was the only way for you to view the recordings.

IP-Based Cameras

As the Internet has evolved in a capacity and capabilities, many businesses have increased their network capacity to handle more devices. One of these devices that has improved to be added to the network is video surveillance cameras. The new style of video surveillance devices are very different than the old coax devices that were found on a building. The new devices are all IP based. This means that you no longer need an old cable and the power adapter to go to a camera attached to your building, now all you need to do is run an inexpensive RJ – 45 network cable to the camera and it will work. The network cable will carry not only the video stream the voice stream but also power to the camera!

With the video surveillance cameras being network based now the world of possibilities is wide open! There are IP based video cameras with 4 mini cameras built in, domes to cover 360 degrees, directional cameras, angled cameras and many more! Many times customers ask EisnerAmper to offer a video surveillance system that the business owner can view from their mobile device anywhere in the world. We also have the ability to now combine door access locks with the video surveillance system all in one concise device.

Physical Security Importance

As we all know the world has become a very different place. Places that were considered safe such as schools and movies theaters are no longer the sanctuary they once were. Because of these continual threats of security breaches, the world of video surveillance has greatly improved and is needed in any business. Video surveillance is the first level of security even for an IT network security plan. IT professionals really need to know who is physically coming in and out of your building today as the first step in securing the network.

Top Video Security Specialists

We at EisnerAmper have been providing IT security solutions for over 30 years. The biggest area of concern we have found in security offerings has been the inclusion of video security surveillance equipment on to the network. As this equipment has become part of the IT network we have found different ways to incorporate it in a company’s security plan. It is essential to find the right cameras with the right recording equipment to ensure a long-term strategy and that it is implemented correctly. We are happy at EisnerAmper to offer a free a valuation of your current video surveillance system and to explain to you the new technologies that are available today!