Email Archiving Solutions

EisnerAmper’s email archiving solutions can significantly reduce your company’s storage footprint and drive down costs. Our IT Consulting Solutions provide the infrastructure to help you efficiently store, manage, and discover your company’s information.

Email is a major driver of increasing storage requirements for many organizations. IT Departments usually enforce a mailbox quota on employees to drive down growth. This strategy tends to increase management overhead and force end users to create PST files. This moves the storage pain to shared network drives, laptops, and external hard drives — and introduces data loss, corruption, and backup challenges.

With 30 years’ experience, we have seen many email solutions come and go. At first it was all hosted, then it was in-house then hosted again. The solutions change with the need, but one thing seems to be consistent: the ever growing email box. We have seen email storage needs grow at astounding rates with all of our customers. This growth has caused them to look for alternatives in archiving. Some questions our customers have asked include:

  • What is Google Email Archiving?
  • How Do I Archive Emails?
  • The Best Email Archiving Solutions?
  • Exchange Email Archiving or Hosted Email Archiving?

Email Archiving

Free user from quota frustrations while improving Exchange and Domino performance and scalability. Implementing an Email Archiving Solution can provide your organization with the following principal benefits:

  • A central on-premise or cloud-based email archiving solution can also allow users to save and archive PST and NSF files, as well as data from other critical information sources.
  • Faster email migrations by archiving old and duplicate email before you migrate.
  • Easy end-user access to archived email while on or offline and on mobile devices.
  • Proactive compliance with consistent retention policies and faster search for eDiscovery.

With EisnerAmper, you can rely on the straight answer all the time since we are a recognized leader in IT Support. Our solutions are always client focused first. If you are interested in Email Archiving Solutions, please let us know and we will be glad to share our knowledge with you!