Security Services

Every day there is a new security breach announced in the news. Who ever thought the large fortune 100 companies would get breached? Target was victimized, Equifax, Yahoo, Uber, the list goes on and on. IT Secadiesurity is the biggest concern of all our companies this year and last and in the future. On a weekly basis we are receiving calls from customers who have been hacked, subject to phishing attacks, ransomware and virus injections.

Customers use to say “we will wait till something happens” before implementing an IT security plan. That idea for IT services has entirely changed now. Customers want to proactively protect their network in advance of security breaches. We at EisnerAmper have shifted our focus also to help create better security solutions for all our customers and Security services has gone to the top of our list of services provided now.

Physical Security – Video Surveillance

The first step in IT Security Services starts with outside of your office. We strongly encourage deploying a video surveillance system. Many attacks are happening by intruders literally walking into your building and tapping into a system they should not have access to. By deploying a video surveillance system and access controls on doors you can physically protect your site from intruders.

Internet Security

After video surveillance and access control security, we recommend protecting the high speed internet connection found in your office. Intruders come into your office virtually through this pipe and the only way to stop that is to install a network Firewall. The firewall’s job is to monitor all data that is coming in and out of your office and be your front line defense against malicious cyber activity. This device is crucial to your IT Security of your office and is often overlooked, misconfigured or not updated with the latest internet security threats.

Wireless Security

Wireless devices are essential in an office. Everyone has an Apple iPhone and supports it, but that device has to connect to your office wireless network and your applications. Wireless security is another area of great need. We can deploy profiles, mobile device wipeout, device management, guest networks and other IT security services.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security is the next step in our plan. We strongly recommend a desktop agent that can prevent many common cyber hacking techniques. The one difference we at EisnerAmper offer is our managed desktop security agent. Our technicians actually monitor your device 24x7 to ensure the security service is running and is being updated daily with the latest security definitions. If the security service finds any hint of a potential issue it alerts our network operations center (NOC) and we try to contact you to understand the issue and try to fix it before it escalates

Top Security Services Provider

EisnerAmper has been providing IT security services since 1984 to small and medium businesses and the government section. Our goal is to ensure a smooth IT operation in your office and to provide world class IT Services and IT solutions. We are product authorized with vendors such as IBM, Lenovo, Watchguard, Ruckus and Panasonic. In addition our credibility extends at a corporate level as we are a certified minority nationally as part of the NMSDC and locally with the Port Authority of NJ and New York City. We can sell to government agencies under NASPO and NCPA.