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Don’t Let “What’s Next?” Keep You Up at Night

Secure Your Company’s Assets and Future – Proof Your Operations with Our Comprehensive Security and Managed Solutions

The pandemic and widespread remote workforce exposed significant cracks in enterprise security. Hackers are using more sophisticated tactics, and even the best-intentioned folks on your team are falling for social engineering lures -- vulnerabilities are everywhere. 

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Security and Managed Solutions for Finance and Technology Leaders

There’s never been a time in human history where we’ve seen so much data being collected, processed, and analyzed. And with hackers looking for ways to infiltrate that data around the clock, it’s critical to approach any operational initiative, whether in Finance, IT, or HR, with a security mindset.

EisnerAmper Digital’s integrated model makes it simple for you and your firm to measure, manage and monitor all your data so you can sure up your security posture, build resilience and create a direct path for organizational growth.




Cyber Assessment (FiR$T Look)

Our proprietary risk assessment tool can be delivered in 48 hours and provide insight into financial and technology risk gaps and a roadmap for better cyber hygiene.
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Cybersecurity and Breach Response

If you’ve experienced a breach and need immediate assistance to contain the damage.
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Virtual CIO

Add quality expertise to your team right now. On-demand leadership offering industry benchmarks and the latest technology solutions to support and guide your growth.
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Managed Technology Services

A model that grows with you. Technology strategy, solutions, products, implementation, and ongoing support services that scale as you scale.
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IT Governance

Pressures to comply with vendor, insurance, customer, government, and legal requirements require a unique set of expertise. Bring us in to review and build your policies.
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What Our Security and Managed Solutions Clients Say

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Industry: Finance

"Even with most of our team constantly traveling, we're able to effectively work and collaborate from anywhere. They're very responsive to our needs any time of the day and provide us with the highest level of quality support that we've seen. Highly recommended!"

Diego S. Ayala, CPA, CFE, CFF, CVA, Chief Financial Officer

Industry: Service Provider

"Since working with the team, we now have peace of mind that we have the appropriate security systems in place and someone there for us when we need it. They empowered us to do our job and worked with us to implement the proper controls for our specific business needs."

Harry Steiner
Managing Director

Industry: Retail  

"The peace of mind they provide is invaluable; under their care, we’re confident that our network and our clients’ data are safe from loss, viruses, and hackers. We no longer worry about storms, natural disasters, or other failures because they have it under control and a plan to get us back up and running fast." 

Charles Malzahn
Sr. VP & Shareholder

Your Security and Managed Solutions Experts

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Jerry Ravi

As a Partner and National Practice Leader for EisnerAmper Digital, Jerry’s credo is to help clients transform risk into opportunities for growth. 

Rahul Mahna
Managing Director

With over 20 years of experience in IT, Rahul helps manage change and engender confidence in highly complex operating environments.