Why the Sandwich Generation Needs to Talk Finances


In this episode of The Bottom Line, Tim Schuster from EisnerAmper’s Private Business Services Group talks about the challenges, conversation topics and planning opportunities for members of the sandwich generation—those individuals who are responsible for raising their children as well as caring for aging parents.


Dave Plaskow: Hello and welcome to The Bottom Line. This podcast examines the everyday business and finance issues faced by closely held and private businesses. We hope to provide you with news you can use in what we like to think of as a jargon-free zone. I'm your host, Dave Plaskow and with us is Tim Schuster, a manager in EisnerAmper Private Business Services Group. Today we'll discuss with Tim the types of conversations members of the Sandwich Generation should have in order to be more fiscally prepared. Tim, Hello.
Tim Schuster: Hey Dave. It's great to see you.

Mr. Schuster is a Manager providing tax compliance services to individual filers, as well as assistance on tax returns for companies in the manufacturing and real estate industries.

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