Build Resilience to Build the Bottom Line

David Bookbinder, a director in our Financial Advisory Services group providing valuation services, has published a series of articles for the Huffington Post called The New ROI: Return on Individuals. The series is dedicated to exploring the contribution of human capital assets, otherwise known as people, to the value of a business enterprise.

The most recent installment, entitled “Build Resilience to Build the Bottom Line,” was written in collaboration with renowned expert on resilience, Cheryl Hunter, and workplace behavior expert Dave Nast.

In this article the New ROI suggests that leaders should also care about resilience in those they lead and discusses what it means to be resilient in business. Smart leaders know that happy and engaged employees are more productive and less likely to leave their positions.  You can read more of the article on HuffPost.

To learn how David developed the idea for this series, please click here.

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