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Articles August 27, 2020 Update: Business Interruption Claims Due to COVID-19

A discussion, with examples, of the current conversation occurring between business owners, lawyers, accountants, insurance companies – and the courts – regarding whether insurers will pay on business interruption insurance claims on damages related …

Blogs August 27, 2020 EisnerAmper Q&A with Jeremy Siegel, CEO, Portfolio BI

A discussion focused on the importance of hedge funds embracing automation, having robust technology and adopting best practices in the areas of operational resilience and business continuity planning (BCP).

Articles August 27, 2020 Additional Guidance Issued by SBA on Paycheck Protection Program

Further content related to ongoing guidance from the SBA regarding the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

News & Press August 27, 2020 EisnerAmper Hosts 5th Annual Alternative Investment Summit Virtually

EisnerAmper’s 5th Annual Alternative Investment Summit will be held virtually on Thursday, September 24, 2020. This year’s theme: “2020: A Year of Change” will take a fresh look at the where the alternative investment industry is headed.

Blogs August 27, 2020 Trends Watch: Opportunities for Advisors

Our own Elana Margulies-Snyderman discusses opportunities for advisors with Jon Robinson of CEO, Blueprint Investment Partners.

Blogs August 26, 2020 New Rules on Excise Tax on Highly Compensated Employees

The IRS recently issued proposed regulations under IRC Sec. 4960. This article takes a look at how those proposed regulations affect certain tax-exempt organizations and certain entities that are treated as related to those organizations, as well as …

Articles August 26, 2020 California Wildfire Relief 2020

This article outlines deadline relief provided by the IRS in light of the California wildfires.

Articles August 26, 2020 Final Interest Limitation Regulations

This article discusses key aspects of the final regulations, including the clarification of the definition of interest for purposes of the limitation; the impact on the calculation of adjusted taxable income from sales of depreciable assets; and the …

Articles August 25, 2020 Tax Trap Resulting from Debt in an IRC Section 1031 Exchange

This article examines the issue of debt boot on relinquished and replacement properties, which can create a ‘tax trap’ for taxpayers using IRC Sec. 1031 exchanges.