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Articles September 02, 2020 Challenges of and Working in the COVID-19 Environment

EisnerAmper sat down with Jim Herrigel, managing director; David Sims, director; and Ken Park, senior vice president of Fortress Investment Group to discuss the challenges and impact that the current work environment has had on them, their teams and …

Articles September 02, 2020 EisnerAmper Q&A with John Corrado, Senior Director of Information Technology, Ovid Therapeutics Inc.

A conversation with John Corrado, Senior Director of Information Technology at Ovid Therapeutics, to talk about moving to a primarily remote workforce from a technical and security perspective and the difficulties that come with making this transitio…

Blogs September 02, 2020 Could New York Look to Sports Betting to Ease the COVID-19 Deficit?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently stated the fiscal needs for New York far exceed what could be generated through increasing taxes on the wealthy. Could part of the answer be the legalization of mobile and online sports wagering in the State of…

Blogs September 02, 2020 TCJA and Alimony

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made a substantial change to divorce planning with the elimination of deductible alimony payments for the payer spouse and inclusion of income for the receiving spouse.

Blogs September 01, 2020 2019 Form 990 and 990-EZ Significant Changes and Reminders

The IRS continues to make progress towards paperless filings; the latest change impacts both Forms 990 and 990-EZ. If a Form 990 or 990-EZ is being filed for a tax year beginning on or after July 2, 2019, it must be filed electronically (with limite…

Articles September 01, 2020 Q3 2020 - A Snapshot of the Aircraft Leasing Industry in Ireland

A disussion on why, when someone requires an Irish leasing platform, or aircraft special purpose company (“SPC”) to be established, Ireland is normally the first jurisdiction that they will evaluate to see if it will work for their structure, investo…

Articles September 01, 2020 Q3 2020 - EisnerAmper Q&A with Antonella Puca, Senior Director, Alvarez & Marsal Valuation Services

A conversation with Antonella Puca of Alvarez & Marsal Valuation Services about the valuation of private equity under COVID-19.

Articles September 01, 2020 Q3 2020 - Risk Alert from the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations Relating to Compliance Matters of RIAs that Manage Private Equity Funds or Hedge Funds

This article provides insight into the June 2020 Risk Alert issued by the OCIE, which discussed conflicts of interest, fees and expenses and policies and procedures relating to material non-public information

Blogs September 01, 2020 Do NOT Worry: The IRS Probably Has Your Check

The IRS has taken steps to control the confusion for those who have received the balance due notices (CP14) and who mailed a payment to the IRS.