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Blogs August 05, 2021 Trends Watch: Tactical Asset Allocation

A conversation with Brian Hunter of Strategic Capital Allocation Group about the outlook for investing using tactical asset allocation (TAA) strategies.

Blogs August 04, 2021 Balancing the Return to Office with Remote Work Sentiments

Both employees and employers are struggling to find balance between embracing remote work perks and the opportunities and benefits of returning to the office. This is leading companies to adopt strategies to pull, rather than push, their employees ba…

Articles August 04, 2021 Accounting for Real Estate – IFRS Basics

This article features a look at some of the technical aspects of IFRS as they relate to accounting for real estate properties.

Blogs August 04, 2021 Centralize and Standardize the Monthly Close

A recap of the recent webinar titled webinar titled “Centralize and Standardize the Monthly Close with BlackLine,” focused on how automating this process through technology can provide some relief and improve the overall experience.

Blogs August 03, 2021 Understanding the Basics of Annuities

Understand the basics of annuities through a summary of the most popular, including: single premium immediate annuities, deferred income annuities, qualified longevity annuity contracts, multi-year guarantee annuities, fixed index annuities, and vari…

Articles August 03, 2021 New Filing Requirements for Certain Tax-Exempt Organizations with the New York Department of State

Certain tax-exempt organizations, specifically those registered with New York as solicitors of contributions under Article 7-A or as a dual registrant under Article 7-A and EPTL, and who received revenue and support in excess of $250,000, now face an…

Blogs August 03, 2021 U.S. Olympic Champions: Turning Gold into Gold

With no spectators at this year’s Olympics and streaming services to promote, NBC is utilizing a tried-and-true strategy by bringing in well-known former Olympic competitors to announce and analyze the games.

Blogs August 02, 2021 What ESG and Impact Investing Mean for the Alternative Investment Sector

A recap of a recent panel discussion focused on the latest developments in ESG as well as impact investment strategies and trends in the alternative investment space.

Articles August 02, 2021 The California Pass-Through Entity Tax Provides Necessary Relief and Reflection

A look at planning for and the impact of the California pass-through entity tax.