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Articles September 20, 2019 Connecticut’s 2019 Legislative Changes Affect Pass-Through Entity Tax

The impact of recent law changes in Connecticut regarding the taxation of pass through entities, such as law firms.

Articles September 20, 2019 Blockstack’s Reg A+ Token Offering – A Groundbreaking Moment for Corporate Finance?

The SEC recently approved a public securities offering whereby investors would receive “tokens” – called Stacks (STX) – in the company as opposed to traditional “shares.” The article is an examination of what that means to investors, as well as the c…

Blogs September 19, 2019 Types of Levies

A quick discussion and examples of the two types of tax levies including continuous and regular.

Blogs September 19, 2019 Cryptocurrency, New Regulations, and the FATF

An examination of the new regulations from the inter-governmental Financial Action Task Force (FATF) that have been imposed upon crypto exchanges globally as part of an effort to make digital transactions over blockchain more transparent and designed…

Articles September 19, 2019 Startup Company Stock Options and IRC Section 83(i) – Useful or Useless?

IRC Sec 83 (i) is an incentive for startup and early-stage private companies to provide broad-based ownership of company stock to their employees. The IRS, in Notice 2018-97, provided some initial guidance for operating an option plan under section 8…

Blogs September 19, 2019 California Punts on Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) Conformity

The California legislative session has ended for the year with no action on Opportunity Zone Fund (OZF) conformity.

Blogs September 19, 2019 Trends Watch: Cautious, but Opportunities are There

A discussion for investors regarding reasons to be cautious, reasons to be optimistic, and passive vs. active managers.

Blogs September 18, 2019 What’s the Best Basis of Accounting for Your Real Estate Company?

An examination of the factors a real estate entity should consider when deciding upon using either U.S. GAAP or the income tax basis of accounting.

News & Press September 17, 2019 IRS Sending Warning Letters to Cryptocurrency Investors

Warning letters have been sent from the IRS to cryptocurrency investors to ensure taxpayers are accurately reporting digital asset transactions.