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Blogs November 18, 2019 Maximizing the Value of Your Business

The Florida Business Summit featured the leaders of several area business on what it takes to succeed. Their answers included knowing your brand and customers, integrating your company into the community, finding the right employees, and more.

Articles November 17, 2019 Fraud Detection – Why, How and When

How fraud is classified at a business, how to detect and report fraud and the need for a regular fraud risk assessments at a business.

Blogs November 15, 2019 QOF Update: Proposals on Opportunity Zone Reporting Requirements

Pending legislation that would create additional transparency and oversight of qualified opportunity funds (QOFs), which includes information required and penalties for non-compliance.

Blogs November 15, 2019 Fund Structuring, Regulation and Taxation

San Francisco’s Emerging Manager Forum focused on the importance of understanding investors, regulations and taxation when structuring a fund. There are also the challenges of unrelated business taxable income (“UBTI”) effectively connected income (“…

Blogs November 15, 2019 Enhanced Security and Risk Mitigation in Today’s World

A Florida Business Summit panel that took a deep dive on cybercrime. The discussion included types of crime (e.g., ransomware), the high stakes involved, and how companies can protect themselves (e.g., cyber insurance).

Articles November 15, 2019 Relief from Joint and Several Liability

Situations in which a spouse can obtain relief from joint and several liability for any tax, interest, penalties and additional tax liability—including innocent spouse relief, relief by separation of liability, and equitable relief.

Blogs November 15, 2019 East Meets West at 5th Annual Real Estate Connect Summit

A discussion at the 5th annual East Meets West Real Estate Connect Summit on the differences and opportunities investing in Southeast Asia. A look at government regulation, land ownership, capital flow and market demographics.

Articles November 14, 2019 A Roadmap for Preventing Expense Reimbursement Fraud

There are just as many ways to prevent as there is types of reimbursement fraud. This article provides a blueprint for both.

Blogs November 14, 2019 Trends Watch: Slow Growth and Headwinds

Andy Redleaf, Principal, Park Financial Group discusses the outlook for alternative asset investments and why he thinks headwinds will lead to slow growth.