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Blogs June 02, 2020 COVID-19 Impact on CFIUS Review of Foreign Investment Transactions

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States is the government body responsible for reviewing transactions for their potential impact on national security. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their ability to review transactions as quickl…

Articles June 02, 2020 Tax Concerns of a Remote Workforce

This article focuses on two of the issues faced by businesses during COVID-19 and their employees concern nexus, where the business needs to file tax returns, and the sourcing of employee wages for personal income tax purposes.

Articles June 01, 2020 IRC Sec. 165(i) - An Opportunity to Accelerate COVID-19 Losses to 2019

This article examines how a provision of pre-CARES Act tax law may provide taxpayers with significant tax and cash flow relief during the COVID-19 pandemic – namely, IRC Sec. 165(i), entitled “Disaster Losses.”

Blogs June 01, 2020 Rent Abatements and Deferrals in a COVID-19 Environment

A few best practices when it comes to the impact of COVID-19 and real estate accounting practices, including the FASB’s decision regarding Topic 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, and Topic 842, Leases.

Articles June 01, 2020 The Start-Up Business

A case study examining at the importance of the steps to take when formalizing a working relationship with an agreement that will assist in decision-making and future organizational challenges.

Blogs May 29, 2020 Real Estate Principals Roundtable Looks at LA Market

EisnerAmper hosted a Real Estate Principals Virtual Roundtable for industry leaders doing business in Los Angeles. Topics included the impact on rent collections, the prospect for new opportunities, and transitioning back to the office.

Blogs May 29, 2020 Mastering Client Services and RFPs for Institutional Investors: Emerging Trends and Alternative Investment Strategies that May Impact How You Operate

This content focuses on how, with the turbulent markets during COVID-19 impacting performance of much of the alternative investment industry, fund managers must be able to demonstrate how their investment process is repeatable in all environments. Ot…

Blogs May 28, 2020 CAPstone Webcast Series: Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity with Cloud Security

This content features a recap of the discussion from EisnerAmper’s (CAP)Stone series webcast titled “Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity with Cloud Security.”

Blogs May 28, 2020 SEC Amends Disclosure Rules for Acquisitions and Disposals of Businesses

This content discusses the SEC’s changes to the disclosure requirements of Regulation S-X related to the acquisition or disposition of a business -- aimed at reducing the complexity and compliance costs of the disclosures -- including updates to the …